Al Gore, Gulf Warrior

Best of the Web says today:

Gore is no peacenik–he was one of only 10 Democratic senators who voted for the Gulf War–but it does seem likely that if he were president, America would be weighed down by deference to Europeans and pointless concern over “root causes.”

Yes, particularly since, as BotW fails to point out, he agonized over the vote (at least publicly) and, according to Alan Simpson, eventually sold it to the highest bidder in return for additional floor time–in prime time.


Tim Blair bludgeons poor Margo Kingston today (though, unfortunately, probably not into submission).

Margo is truly a national Ozzie wonder, like Ayers Rock, or the Barrier Reef, or vegemite, and he’s lucky among all of us anglospherians to have her. We have our Ralls, our Salters, and they have Heather Mallick Up North, and Fisk across The Pond, but somehow, you just can’t beat the non-stop, vacuous platitudes of Margo.

However, while I realize that she’s a rich ore to mine, he should have broken it up into installments–one can only take so much unprecedented idiocy at a single sitting. One has the frightening thought that he could probably do this every day for a month and never run out of material.

More Euroarrogance

Reader Randolph Addison emails:

I do not have full details, as I only heard the last few seconds of the following on NPR around 8:45 AM:

“…when asked why the European countries have a higher unemployment rate than America, at roughly 5 percent, he responded, ‘Well, we don’t have as many people in jail, do we?'”

Well, actually, that probably is one factor, but it’s certainly disingenuous to imply that it’s the only one…

I take it ‘he’ is some European official and the rest of the story will become available during the day. I just found it interesting that they ignore their bloated welfare state with such an idiotic comment.

Yes. Well, of course, if they were to blame their welfare state, or their job-market rigidity, they might be compelled to do something about it. Much easier to look down their noses at America, and celebrate how much more “humane” they are.

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