For a marvel of duplicity, half-truths, and wholesale ignoring of facts and history, go read this pile of bilge from the Saudi ambassador in today’s WaPo. But don’t let me prejudice you–go read it for yourself.

But for a few choice excerpts:

Israel’s policy of violence against 3 million Palestinians — Christians as well as Muslims — is seriously jeopardizing the extent to which U.S. policy can succeed in its declared war on international terrorism, which has enjoyed the support of the Islamic world from Pakistan in Central Asia to Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean.

Note the phrase “…Christians as well as Muslims…” Does he really think that this will somehow elicit more sympathy? Anyone who thinks that a single one of the suicide bombers was a Christian, raise your hand.

[peering out over the audience…]

Nope, me neither.

Accordingly, the Israeli government should bear the full responsibility for this change in the position of the Islamic world.

It’s not our fault. We’ve done nothing wrong, and will continue to do nothing wrong–it’s all their fault.

And this guy is supposed to be a diplomat?