9 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Us”

  1. I’m sure many country music stars would be proud to have their music used in the service of the USA. I wonder if country music would have equally damaging effects on the prisoners’ resistance? I bet I would break down before the 100th playing of “Proud to be an American..”

    The problem is that country music could be nothing more than pleasant entertainment if the belief systems of the terrorists and the country music singers align too well (eg “Unanswered Prayers” or maybe even “I don’t know whether to kill myself or go bowling…”)

  2. Mike Puckett said: Make them listen to Rap.

    Unfortunately, rap isn’t music, so it can’t be music torture with rap…

  3. Repeated playings of that awful “Butterfly Kisses” song would make me tell them everything they wanted to know. Then again, from what I’ve been able to observe, most people in the world have dreadful taste in music, and for all I know “Butterfly Kisses” is one of Osama Bin Laden’s favorite infidel songs.

  4. With Noriega they used Guns’n’Roses but they’re using kiddy tv songs for the islamists? Must have something to do with mental age. Next up: forced viewing of the teletubbies.

    And a loud protest named 0dB? Why don’t their heads implode from the enormous pressure differential to the atmosphere?

  5. Jeez, whaddapackawimps. If I was in a hardcore or trad-punk band and found out MY albums were being used to coerce information out of terrorists, I’d think that the only way it could be any cooler would be if there were female Marines in bikins involved…

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