Regardless of playoff hopes among the NFL teams, there can’t be a team that wants to win today more than the Packers. Who would want to be the team to ruin the Lions’ perfect season?

[Update about 3:30 PM EST]

Wow. They’re tied up, 14-14 in the late third quarter, and Green Bay hasn’t scored since the first quarter.

[Update at game end]

No worries for the Packers. The Lions finished off their season as they started it, and played the whole fall — winless. It’s a history-making performance. And one more reason for glumness in the no-longer Motor City.

5 thoughts on “Motivated”

  1. The Lions seemed to have modeled themselves upon
    George Bush’s management style.

    Bush dumped Sammy Souza, Millen dumped Hall and Rogers.

  2. Jesus H. Christ on a crutch, will you Bush haters move on! It’s over, he’s leaving, the Messiah has come, we’re safe, global warming will be routed and all the worlds children and puppies will be fed and cute once again.

    Nothing else of value comes out Detroit, why should the Lions be worthwhile?

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