A New Look

OK, I’m trying a different template, at the suggestion of Robin Snelson (who, amazingly, doesn’t seem to have an actual web site of her own), to see if this one is more tractable. There is obviously a lot of tweaking to do.

20 thoughts on “A New Look”

  1. Hmm, the general layout’s not bad, except that the title is centered and most of the content is justified to the left – I would have both of those match.

    I have a similar point to make regarding the colors. You’ve got your old title in green on blue, which doesn’t match the white, red, and gray of the rest of the site.

  2. As I said, it needs a lot of tweaking. I’m just starting to look at the templates to figure out how to fix these kinds of things. Believe me, I’m aware of them, but I thought that this would still be better than the old one, even without the fixes.

  3. I like it. Much easier to read.

    Best of all, it saves my name and e-mail address (I had to put them in every time with the last incarnation – and no, I didn’t delete my cookies).

  4. Jon, I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why your and my names are in different fonts in comments than the others’. Or am I the only one who sees that?

  5. This is much better than before. Love the familiar banner. There are a few small problems: the width is gated by the footer for some reason, text color in the search box is next to invisible, entry’s font is too small (a legacy workaround for IE6). But overall is more pleasant than the 3-column layout. That one victimized the content[‘s width] for everyone who did not run maximized.

  6. Rand,
    My guess would be that I put the selenian boondocks url in the “website” box for leave a reply. The different font seems to indicate a link to the website url.


  7. Only thing I’d change is how your hyperlinks display…dark gray on light gray may be a tad much for older eyes to discern. Perhaps a nice shiney dark red or blue? At least thats how it looks in IE 6.0

  8. That’s probably a good guess, Jon. It clearly is a function of whether a link to a URL was provided. I’ll get around to changing link fonts, but not necessarily tonight.

  9. Hunh. The template has some problems.

    The font for the commenter’s name is larger (in Firefox 2.18) if there is a link under it, but only when the background is dark gray — when it’s light gray, the font is the same with or without link.

    Second the motion about link colors — the scheme works with a light gray background but not with the dark gray, at least to my eyes.

    In general I like it, if you can get the tweaks done without breaking anything major.


  10. I’ve got different-size text in different comment backgrounds. It’s smaller on the medium gray than on the light gray. Also, the text in the body of the post is smaller than the “This entry was posted…” boilerplate — probably because the boilerplate is in one of those light-gray boxes while the body text is on the medium-gray background.

    All of which points to some CSS tweaking, as I assume Rand has in mind to do.

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