Off To The Cape

It looks like pretty good chances that the launch is on, and I don’t know how many more night launches there will be. We have to be in Orlando in the morning anyway, so we’re going up to Titusville tonight to see it. Probably no posting until tomorrow.

[Late evening update]

Most spectacular launch I’ve ever seen. Maybe pics tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the forty-five mile trip to Orlando was hell on wheels, taking three hours. Next time I’ll either stay in Titusville, or take the long way around (up toward Daytona and then back down) which would have been much quicker.

4 thoughts on “Off To The Cape”

  1. Wow. 3 hours for 45 miles. You gotta hang around Passenger Trains forum where you can get an earful that it was the EEEviillll Jeb Bush who blocked the high speed rail. So Florida could spend whatever billion dollars on the thing that you can ride it those four, nope, make that one or two times a year they launch the Shuttle.

  2. Yeah, I’d never seen the SRBs separation so distinctly visible before. It was amazing for how long, and how clearly, you could see those suckers falling. That was a spectacular launch last night, and I’ve been watching shuttle launches since STS-1! (I think the sky illumination must’ve been “just right” to optimize viewing.)

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