A Bridge Too Far

You know, William Shatner had a three-word phrase for these people a few years back (the third was “life”):

Mr. Veazie, a manager at Underwriters Laboratories, built the chair himself last year, and has been gratified to find, since installing it in the living room in May, that “when someone comes in, it’s the first thing they comment on.”

You don’t say.

But I thought they didn’t like the word “Trekkie.” Isn’t it supposed to be “Trekker”?

15 thoughts on “A Bridge Too Far”

  1. It’s only cool if the chair has an intercom built in so you can address the family throughout the house, and if you can self-destruct from the chair in the event of a home invasion.

  2. Hmm, get a replica of the chair from the first movie, wire in a remote and intercom, get a 50″ flat screen and maybe bodge together a light bar for a viewscreen, make a loop of the stars at warp on DVD…

  3. Thing is, the captain’s chair looks a bit uncomfortable to me. From reading the story, the people who have the chair say it is somewhat uncomfortable with the arms spread a bit too far apart. I wonder what would make a good “command” chair these days. You can’t make it too comfortable (eg, a Lazy Boy) otherwise said commander might be drowsy or asleep most of the time. Unless, of course, that’s the prefered state for your commander. 😉

  4. Drat. How did that happen? Oh for an edit or delete button on this interface straight from the 90s…

  5. Geez, look at the gut on that captain. If I was the Admiral and saw this, I’d have him circumnavigating the flight deck at 0600 every day, rain or shine, until it was gone.

  6. Carl, which one is supposed to be the captain? The guy sitting in the chair wears wing-tips.

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