2 thoughts on “It Keeps On Turning”

  1. It’s kind of self-selecting, in that each Carnival of Space features the blog posts that were submitted for it. If all of the stories submitted in a particular week are science-focused, then that’s what the Carnival will be, which is why you’ll see the occasional ‘exo-planet’ edition or what have you.

    I’ll admit that I usually cheat when I host and pad my Carnivals with a few extra bits from here and there. Others might just list the post titles and websites. Some start at Earth and wander outwards, others list them in the order in which they were received. What’s fun is that each individual host gets to put their own personal imprimatur on the Carnival.

    They are good for a steady trickle of traffic, as even my earliest Carnival (#18) still gets visitors.

    If more stories on space politics, transport and commercial development are submitted, then there will be more of these stories in the Carnival. I’ve added Eva’s Interviews each week, and will submit her latest interview with Rex Ridenoure during this week’s call for posts.

  2. The purpose of the Carnival is to promote different perspectives around the space blogosphere, some which may be similar to your perspective, while others may be different.

    As the host of the Carnival, my goal was to bring together these perspectives so people can discuss and debate issues relating to space, science, and astronomy, not to allow or delete individual entries.

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