Don’t Hold Your Breath

The media should resign over President Obama’s failure.

Actually, they won’t have to resign. Given the continuing financial failure of newspapers, they seem to be getting fired. What will happen to Frank Rich when the New York Times finally goes under?

[Late morning update]

Whoops, there goes another one. After a hundred seventy four years, the Ann Arbor News is closing its doors this summer.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

  1. Don’t worry, I’m sure the government can spare some largesse from Spendulosaurus to rescue their friends. After all, “they are too important to be allowed to fail”, right?

    sarcasm off.

  2. So I can start talking about “the failed Obama presidency” now?

    I’m starting to wonder whether he’ll run again in 2012. Or whether the Dems will let him.

  3. I’m sure he’ll run in 2012. By then over half the country will be dependent on the once-in-a-century expansion of Federal entitlements.

    “At least after World War II, spending could, and did, decline rapidly when the country demobilized. In this case, with the bulk of federal spending geared toward income maintenance and transfer payments that have political constituencies, that won’t happen. And that is part of Mr. Obama’s plan. One unstated but clearly implicit goal of his budget is to put in place spending programs that make ever-more Americans dependent on government and that will require a permanently higher level of taxation to finance. All of this is being done in the name of addressing income inequality.”

  4. My pr4ediction: Hillary will quit as SecState, no later than Election Night 2010, and be Ted Kennedy to Bonehead’s Jimmy Carter.

  5. 5 years at the University of Michigan I think the only copy of the Ann Arbor News I bought was the one announcing Bo Schembechler’s retirement. Ann Arbor is close enough to Detroit that a Detroit News or Free Press is more than adequate substitute. (and today online news is a more than adequate substitute for either.)

  6. MarkD: WJR announced today that the Freep/News combination is moving to 3 days/week printing this year as well. I’d mourn the loss of news in SE Michigan, but I sure didn’t see any evidence it existed when I lived there.

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