Congratulations, Mickey

A look back at ten years of blogging. And yes, Matthew Yglesias does owe him an apology. But Matt being Matt, he won’t get one.

Also, the UAW’s revenge:

The U.A.W., now a major GM shareholder, has delivered its final punishment to those auto workers who dared move to Spring Hill, Tennessee and show up the rest of the union by building reliable car without Wagner-style work rules. GM’s new small car will be made in Michigan, and the Spring Hill plant will close. …. P.S.: Nikke Finke has a better chance of making money producing this car than GM does.

That’s what happens when you elect a fascist. And gee, I can’t wait to see the rest of the country go down the tubes like Michigan once they pass card check (probably in the middle of the night, without reading the bill).

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  1. But… but… but…

    “General Motors made the best business decision in choosing the Orion Assembly plant to build its next generation vehicles,” said Gary Peters, a Democratic representative whose district includes both plants that will reopen, along with another assembly plant that will close in October.

    As an aside, there are two things I think worth mentioning about GM here. First, now that it’s in the political three ring circus every action it makes is going to be viewed in that context. A decision that just happened to favor an inefficient plant in a Democrat dominated region over the more efficient plant in the Republican dominated region is going to be viewed by everyone as a political favor even if there really is some business case (and I’m not claiming there is a legitimate business case here).

    Second, I wonder what will happen to GM when the Republicans get back in charge. It probably won’t be pretty. Political businesses get payback when another party comes into power. Republicans know how to dish it out too. Just look at what happened to K Street after the Republican revolution in 1994.

  2. I think that the State of Tennessee should use imminent domain (Kelo-style) to seize the Spring Hill plant and give it to Roger Penske. Can there be any doubt that Penske would make better use of it for the public good?

  3. Did MK write he dislikes Bush? I think he dislikes Bush. He must think bad about Bush because he thinks Gore would have been a better Prez. I don’t think MK likes Bush. Will MK tell us he doesn’t like Bush?….

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