4 thoughts on ““That’s What Socialized Medicine Does””

  1. New “insurance mandate”: Thou shalt shove 5% of every individual’s premiums into a newly formed “Medicare Savings Account.” Tax free, inheritable, restricted to medical spending.

    What the hell, we’re printing money like water anyway – do the same thing with Medicare premiums.

  2. Not an account like my “Social Security Account”, think IRA. Restrict it to cash and CDs and other such extremely conservative things if you must.

  3. The author is clearly misinformed and uses a series of half-truths and narrow minded blithering idiocy in the guise of intelligent banter. The fact is, this country spends more on health care per capita and total than any other nation on the planet. For those that think U.S. companies are better off under this system with drug research, you are mistaken as Merck and Sanofi-Pasteur seem to be having REAL issues compared to the U.S Granted, SP is opening a plant in the U.S., but come on blogfonte…let’s get your facts straight and tell all sides of the story appropriately. I give this author at least 5 demerits.

  4. What can you say about a service that prescribes books to patients suffering from clinical depression rather than providing counselling and/or anti-depressant medication? It’s known as bibliotherapy and of course, the patient pays for the book.

    Patients do learn a new word…triage. It isn’t just cancer patients. My father-in-law had difficulty getting treatment for pneumonia because he was old and they wouldn’t treat him.

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