“This Is Their Hajj”

Nancy goes to perform her hypocritical religious duties, at our expense:

While the final manifest remained in flux late yesterday, it was said to include more than two dozen members of Congress, several spouses and committee staffers.

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-Harlem) was among those planning to go because of his duties as chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, a staffer told The Post.

“We all know that Charlie Rangel is a big fan of subsidizing his vacation with taxpayer money, but the truly offensive aspect of this is Nancy Pelosi’s decision to bring the corrupt Harlem Democrat along for the ride,” said Republican spokesman Ken Spain.

You’d think that an event like Kyopenhagen would be an excellent place to set an example of doing a conference via teleconferencing. As Glenn says, I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who keep telling us it’s a crisis start to act like it is.

5 thoughts on ““This Is Their Hajj””

  1. Speaking of the Hajj, I wonder what the total annual carbon footprint of the real Hajj is? Funny, I have never seen any environmentalist talk about that.

    Just wondering.

  2. Well, given the volume of people (3 million in 2008) and uniformity of experience, it probably has some great economies of scale.

  3. This procession and a meter of the running cost should be displayed on all major networks for all taxpayers to see our working legislature. Let’s hope some Ebola virus hitchhiked to Copenhagen on Mr. Mugabe or one of his pals.

  4. I’m disappointed in Republican spokesman Ken Spain and his deliberate choice to use the racially-coded language “Harlem Democrat” to describe Rangel. Charlie Rangel is an out-and-out crook, of course, and Teh Blacks do seem to have an unusual tolerance for “their” representatives’ corruption, but it’s inappropriate for the Republican Party to make issues out of Rangel’s race.

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