6 thoughts on “A “Progressive” Failure”

  1. Looks like the state has run out of other peoples’ money. I think Oregon may be next; or Michigan.

  2. We’re not out of other people money yet. We may be running out of our own money but The One is going to start giving us your money soon. So we will be good for several more years to continue our great progressive experiment. [/snark]

    Northern California sounds good, just draw the line right above Santa Rosa. Then take the lower part of the state and divide it into Eastern and Western California. As a rough cut just draw the state line up the San Andreas fault line until it hits the central valley, then just follow the west side of the I5 all the way north. The most expensive parts of this will be the water meters we have to install on the aquaduct system to meter and charge an appropriate amount for all the water that Western California will need to buy from Eastern California.

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