Will The Republicans Impeach Obama?

I would never say never — who knows what he’ll do that might merit it in the future, but the notion that it is a metaphysical certainty is nonsensical. Given who would become president in that event, it would have to be for a pretty extreme situation. I’ve always thought that the Joe Biden pick was combination impeachment/assassination insurance. And even if you think they’d impeach knowing that the Senate wouldn’t convict, that would be dumb, too. They know what happened to them the last time that happened.

11 thoughts on “Will The Republicans Impeach Obama?”

  1. I would be curious as to the outcome of an actual investigation into his birth. Of course, he’s had two years now to arrange a right proper forgery, in the event such action is necessary.

    That said, the phrase “President Joe Biden” fills me with fear.

  2. I would love to see what historians 10-20 years from now dig up about Obama’s life. Forget the stuff about his birth because that’s a red herring. I’m interested in things like his trip to Pakistan, what was he like in college, did he meet William Ayers while in Columbia, etc. Even what kind of grades did he get in college.

    The amount that we don’t know about Obama, other then what he has told us, is scary.

  3. Good grief no. Obama is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party since Alzheimer’s took The GIpper. Cast your mind back to the broken dispirited remnants trudging offstage in the Years 6 and 8, like barbarians recently mowed mercilessly down by the Emperor’s crack Praetorians, swords dulled and minds mazed, or even to the regrettable jaded onanist page-buggering aristoi perishing from cynical self-disgust and ennui a few years further back. The contrast to the fired-up, gleeful, purposeful spirit inhabiting the party now couldn’t be stronger — and one man above all deserves the credit for that: Doofus Obama, who greased the skids for San Fran Nan and her crack Democratic Party Suicide Squad.

    The RNC should chip in to help pay for Obumble’s next golf vacation. Here, Barack. You’ve been working too hard. Take a week off to hit Pebble Beach, Augusta, St. Andrews, maybe toss in a little relaxing few days in St. Tropez or Monte Carlo. Preferably during the high tourist season. Don’t worry about the prices. Be sure to take extra maids, Secret Service men and C-130s for those little helpful duties like fetching ice for the single-malt and taking the girls souvenir car shopping. While you’re there, be sure to give a few speeches comparing Fox News to orcs from Mordor. Tee hee.

    The one they need to take out if possible is Herself at State. The last thing the Republicans want is for the Democrats to be able to field a non-ludicrous alternative to The One in 2012.

  4. The comments on the article are enlightening.

    “Because it would be stupid. I mean, they’ll buy themselves a race war. People aren’t going to take it lying down, because they’ll know it’s because Obama’s skin tone isn’t to their taste, not because of high crimes and misdemeanors.”


    “Obama basically ran his presidency as an experiment in the effectiveness of taking the high road. If you’re right, I think his earnestness will ultimately prove something, but unfortunately it will be the opposite of what he wanted it to prove.”

  5. Ah I see, ken. By “since Alzheimer’s took the Gipper” you thought I meant that was the last favorable event for the elephants. Not the case. Rather I was simply using the lamentable event as a marker of time span. As one might say “the only good thing that’s happend to us since the tornado destroyed the house is…”

    Now you mention it, it’s odd how that construction can be interpreted two different ways. I predict robots will never master English.

  6. Agnew was supposed to be Nixon’s “impeachment insurance”, and we all know how that turned out. (For those of you who are the products of public schools of the past decade or so: In the middle of a war between Israel and Egypt that was threatening to go nukular, Agnew was forced to resign when he plead “nolo contendere” to taking bribes as gov. of Maryland, and was replaced by House Minority Leader Ford.)

  7. The more relevant point of comparison is the scandal-ridden Clinton. Nixon was a couple generations ago — corruption for incompetent Boomers and cynical Gen-Xers is Standard Operating Procedure. Obama could carry out ten Watergates in serial or parallel and there’d be zero Congressional blow-back. Seriously, the man would have to be videotaped in a hotel room with a dead walrus or a live donkey (have I gone far enough?) before the collective will could be scraped-up to scuttle the man.

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