A New Low

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Amanpour has Meghan McCain as a panelist on This Week. I really felt for George Will, having to share it with her ignorant blathering.

Who is it, again, that anointed Ms. Ditz to speak for her generation? Oh, yeah. I forgot. She’s the media’s favorite kind of “Republican” — one that will criticize conservatives and real Republicans.

8 thoughts on “A New Low”

  1. She’s her own straw man. It’s a wonder the left-stream media doesn’t parade her more than it already does.

  2. Now that daddy has managed to lie his way back into office, I see that they’re once again releasing the bimbo daughter.

  3. Well, baby got back. Baby also got front, left, right, top, bottom and a couple others that only exist in folded superstring dimensions…

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