Only A Person Gripped By Fear

..and unable to think clearly could believe in “shovel-ready projects.”


The completely unjustified condescension of this lightweight continue to amaze. He’s an arrogant man with much to be modest about.

[Monday morning update]

More thoughts from Mickey:

Maybe Obama was cynically making a pitch to his immediate audience—a small crowd of Massachusetts donors who might be expected to respond to the idea that they were defending “facts” and “science” against confused know-nothings. But Obama should know, especially after the 2008 San Francisco incident, that a candidate can’t keep his words confined to a fundraiser. And this apparently wasn’t a closed-to-press event like the one in S.F. We didn’t have to rely on a donor/blogger like Mayhill Fowler to spill the beans. Reporters reported on it. Obama couldn’t have been trying to cyncially play to the donors—he’s not that naive! This must be what he really thinks.

Now I’m scared! What yesterday’s comments suggest isn’t just that Obama will get clobbered in the midterms. It suggests that after he gets clobbered he won’t be able to adjust and turn the setback into a longterm victory the way Bill Clinton did. Clinton reacted to his 1994 midterm loss by acknowledging his opponents’ strongest arguments and pursuing a balanced budget and welfare reform. Obama seems more inclined to just tough it out until the economy recovers and the scared, confused voters become unscared and see the light. Meanwhile, he’ll spend his time in a protective cocoon.

A few weeks ago a right-wing reporter told me that worried Dem congresspersons who met with Obama left their meetings more worried than when they went in. I discounted the gossip, but now it’s beginning to ring true. We thought he was a great salesman. He turned out to be a lousy salesman. We thought he was a great politician. Instead he makes elementary mistakes and doesn’t learn from them. He didn’t know “shovel-ready” from a hole in the ground, and then somehow thinks admitting this ignorance without apology will add to his appeal.

I continue to be astonished that so many people were mesmerized by this clown two years ago.

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  1. Well blaming the American people has its upside. You don’t have to deal with any of that nasty introspection stuff after the midterm election. You can just comfort yourself in the warm glow of your own awesomeness and pity the poor people who aren’t smart enough to know who their betters are when they see them. Self love means never having to say you’re sorry.

  2. “The ignorant masses are just reacting to fear, you see. So, you should react to their fear by writing checks to me to counter-act their fear. But that isn’t reacting to fear you see, cuz uh, were lifting spirits — you understand, right? Is my teleprompter on?”

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