They’re Not Elite

They’re just wrong:

Saying the Berlin Wall fell when the world “stood as one” is na?ve and delusional. Thinking a man will be a great leader because of one speech, two books, and the crease in his pants is a sign of poor judgment.

Ignoring mass protests, plunging polls, and three huge shocks at the polls is willful stupidity. Thinking one can pass a bill that impacts everyone against the will of most of country without courting a backlash is nothing short of inane.

When this backlash occurs, it is dense beyond words to claim that this stems from a fear of “the other” (meaning non-whites and immigrants) while these rebels strive to elect blacks to the House in South Carolina and Florida, Hispanics to the Senate in Florida, Hispanics to the governors’ mansions in New Mexico and Nevada, and to elect the daughter of Indian immigrants to the state house in South Carolina, home of secession and massive resistance, where the far right gave twice as many votes to black conservative Tim Scott as to one of Strom Thurmond’s sons.

There are words to describe this, but “bright” is not one of them. This meritocracy has created an “elite” without merit. In everyone’s eyes but its own.

Some things are so stupid that only an “intellectual” could believe them.

7 thoughts on “They’re Not Elite”

  1. She says our best run of Presidents was 1933-1963? FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy? However correct the rest of her column, that made me spit my Delamain out right there. An arrogant privileged diddler (in both senses of the word), a mildly competent schmo, a not unreasonable executive who nevertheless played foolish baiting games with the Bear, and a wildly overrated overcompensator who achieved lasting glory only by his death? Urg.

    I mean, they’re not necessarily awful, and several have their good points. But…Coolidge? Grant? Lincoln? Polk? Jackson? Washington?!

  2. The elite believe that 70% of the universe is made of a repulsive “dark energy” that is completely invisible and signs of which only be seen by the truly educated, just like the Emperor’s New Clothes.

  3. Benefit time at my company. My healthcare benefit will cost me 50% more than last year. Nuff said about the “I-leets”. Time for the peoples hope and change……

  4. Tom, you know that can’t possibly be true. We’ve had assurances right here on this very blog (by commenters, not the host) that the new health care law will give lower costs to everyone while expanding coverage and improving benefits (and a pony!).

    I get briefed on my benefits in a couple weeks. BOHICA!

  5. And before Chris and other Obama sychophants come claiming how the health care legislation will lower the costs for everyone, here’s an article by Governor Bredesen of Tennessee (who appears to be one of the rarest of people – a Democrat with a functioning brain) showing how the legislation has strong incentives for companies to drop their health care coverage. This is something us unelite rubes pointed out months ago.

  6. According to Instapundit, they are not “elites” but “credentialed”. The value (or lack thereof) of those credentials is becoming self evident.

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