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I’ve noticed that some comments are automagically disappearing into the spam folder (including my own). If someone is having a problem, let me know via email. I just updated WordPress to the latest version, and it’s still doing it. I’ll try updating Akismet next.

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  1. Interesting, if I set my name to “Mike Thompson” the comment doesn’t get posted, but with my name set to “mpthompson” it does get posted.

  2. I wonder about the rocket launch as well. There’s a mystery rocket launch (from the video, it appears to be pretty big with a long burn) near the second largest metropolitan center in the US. Yet nobody in the US government is willing to own up to it.

  3. That looks like a contrail to me. We had a similar “mystery rocket / UFO” off the east coast (Nova Scotia?) a few months ago.

  4. I can’t believe it is a contrail. I understand why people would think that. However, there appears to be a wide base, as would be as the plume dispersed over the relatively hard surface water (I’m thinking SLBM). Second, the helicopter’s crew observation, including the “light up the sky” which large solid rocket motors do. Third, the directional dispersal changes of the plume as it crosses various layers of the atmosphere.

    I do think it is likely a US launch that for some reason, somebody was hoping we would ignore. Because if that’s not the case, somebody just fired the wrong kind of shot across the bow.

    This is not the October surprise anyone was looking for…

  5. Someone on Slashdot found some NASA pictures that show a contrail with the right shape at the right place and time. This one shows the contrail pretty well. It’s a faint linear cloud starting a bit west of where the rocket was supposed to have launched (which is in turn roughly 35 miles west of LA) and runs to the north west, crossing over a bit of California coast near Vandenberg AFB.

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