Another Media Suspension Over Ethics

Who knew that Iowahawk had ethics?

Dear Me:

Effective 8 am this morning, you have been relieved from your duties as Chief Executive Senior Anchor at Iowahawk. The Iowahawk Code of Ethics clearly states (Section 3c[11.05]) that:

Employees of Iowahawk shall, during critical election seasons, remain at their assigned posts and think of cheap blog stunts to suck in the big internet traffic. During the seven days immediately preceding and seven days immediately following a national election, prohibited employee activities include, but are not limited to:

1. Partying with Tim Blair.
2. Driving about aimlessly in a hot rod.
3. Flying to the coast and getting drunk.
4. Moonlighting as a fire insurance ‘consultant’

It has been brought to my attention that during the recent election season you were engaged in at least three of these prohibited activities. Therefore I have no other recourse but to suspend me indefinitely pending my thorough investigation and review into this matter.

As someone partially involved in one of his recent ethical breaches on the coast, I feel some responsibility for this horrific turn in his fate, though I think that Blair should bear the brunt of it. He needs to find a more reasonable employer. And a smarter one. What kind of idiot would suspend Iowahawk? We should start a protest, and a legal defense fund.

6 thoughts on “Another Media Suspension Over Ethics”

  1. What’s wrong with moonlighting as a fire insurance consultant? If any population knows the risks of out of control fires destroying personal property, it has to be southern Californians living in area where environmentalism trumps basic forestry management.

  2. But when that fire insurance consulting consists of saying “Nice hangar you got there, be a shame if anything should happen to it,” the customers get a bit… twitchy.

  3. Dear self-imposed “Fellow Suspended”. Please take heed to my confession. Be cognisant to the fact that I/Me as well was imposed upon by myself to my own sabatical to wit: I was subjected for a total of 14 (fourteen) humbling days having to make daily trips to the Government Milk Store. Actions like this can be hard on one`s liver. Don`t try this at home as it can be hazardous to the pocketbook.
    I take this opertunity to welcome all of You/Me back into the fold (scheme of things). me@chirossisbythesea

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