4 thoughts on “A DIY Skating Rink”

  1. Almost makes me wish I lived in colder climes.

    I love the concept of something like this bringing people together for the short (construction) and longer (games, etc) terms.

  2. As a lawyer, I can’t help but think “attractive nuissance.” I can just see some asshat suing over a broken nose or finger at the rink and shutting down the whole project (rather than force “Chris” to get insurance, file for a “rink operator permit” with the State (or some such nonsense, charge for admission, etc.).

    This is how civil society has been strangled in its crib. If we aren’t civil any more it’s because the law has made it too expensive to try. It’s just easier to ignore your neighbors, stay inside and play X-box. Alone. Since, god forbid, you might get sued if someone twists an ankle playing Dance Central.

  3. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the whole project was already shut down by Chris’ home owner’s insurance company about 5 minutes after they read this article.

    That’s what happened to my tree house when I was 9. The insurance adjuster took one look and said it had to come down or they’d cancel the policy.

  4. Brock – Makes you agree with Shakespeare regarding lawyers, doesn’t it? The insurance companies wouldn’t have this sort of problem if it wasn’t for ambulance-chasers.

    Sometimes an accident is just that.

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