Don’t Like The Winter So Far?

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Funny, he’s got a better track record than the warm mongers. Though, while I joke about firing up the SUVs, I don’t think that increasing the CO2 levels are a solution to a new glacial advance (I continue to be unconvinced that CO2 is a cause, and not a symptom, of climate change). We’ll have to think about serious geoengineering for that.

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When white isn’t right.

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Here’s how you transcend ideological differences. It’s too hard for most people, though.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Like The Winter So Far?”

  1. Saw that the other day. The line I loved is:

    “Despite it often being mentioned that the consensus in the scientific community is that global warming is undisputedly occurring,…”

    In this phrase we have packed both a lie and a wuss-out. A lie in that there exists no such consensus in the scientific community at large, never did, was fanciful in that a lot of scientists names were scrawled onto a document without their knowledge or permission, and what consensus there might have been was destroyed by East Anglia-gate; a wuss-out in that the author disconnects himself from the assertion of a consensus in the first place with the “..often being mentioned..”



  2. That isn’t the way I read it, Gregg. It looked to me like pointing out the irony of a so-called indisputable consensus that is claimed to exist mainly because certain people say it does — when right here is this guy who darn-tootin’ does dispute the “consensus.”

  3. McGehee,

    Matt Schneider? He puts “failed science” in quotes, and says it’s what Corbyn believes. And lots of people have been saying there’s no real consensus. Corbyn’s recen Fox statement isn’t really anything new. We read it differently but I will agree that Schneider doesn’t come right out and say Corbyn is wrong.

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