Things The Chattering Class…

got wrong:

You would think the liberal intelligentsia would, with a record of so many misses on so many consequential matters, become chastened. But no. They are filled with certainty: Obama is back, the recovery is around the corner, Russian “reset” is a success, ObamaCare can’t be repealed, there are no electable Republican 2012 contenders, and more, they tell us. We’ll see if the left’s crystal ball is any more accurate in 2011.

I know how I’d bet. They can’t help themselves.

[Update a while later]

Something else the chattering class is getting wrong — Barack Obama isn’t the “Comeback Kid.”

3 thoughts on “Things The Chattering Class…”

  1. The comments there are nasty. I guess that’s the type of readership the WaPo attracts these days.

    Or maybe it always has, and the transparency of the Internet now just lets us see it.

  2. Russian “reset” is a success

    I don’t know what constitutes either success or failure with regard to US-Russian policy. Russia seems like that stalker who stopped calling us 20 years ago.

  3. [Obama] enters 2011 facing more than 80 new Republican congressmen and senators, most of whom would make Barry Goldwater look soft on limited government and deficit spending.

    Hoping this is true. We shall see.

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