Bye Bye, RichRod

This must be the worst day in Michigan college football history. And it was a horrible day for the Big Ten in general, especially against the SEC. Even Wisconsin looks unlikely to win their game.

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  1. Hey Rand,
    I know you are a huge Big-10 fan, but this post-season showed just how over-rated the conference really is. I just hope the voters remember this before they put 6 of these teams in next season’s top 25.

    One aside – I believe Northwestern would have won (big) if their QB didn’t get hurt late in the season.

  2. Rand

    Michigan State had little chance against the Crimson Tide. Our boys were pissed at themselves for blowing a return national championship and they simply took it out on MS.

  3. 100th out of 120 teams in defense? Players unable to get set before a snap AFTER A TIME OUT!! Kickers who can’t make field goals?? From the same guy who practiced more than NCAA rules allowed and STILL couldn’t win?? None if this is explained by the transition in offenses.

    That earthquake in Ann Arbor was Bo Schembechler spinning in his grave. The 40 year legacy he built burnt to the ground in three years. I don’t know if it can ever be rebuilt in the current NCAA environment, but can’t be done by Ricky Ricardo.

  4. @Tom W:

    If the Big-10 is so over-rated, why were they the underdogs, and put up against teams that out-ranked them in almost every single bowl contest (Ohio State and Michigan State are the only teams who out-rank their opponents this year)?

    That #5 Wisconsin lost by 2 points to #3 TCU merely reinforces their rankings; just like when #1 plays #2 and barely ekes out a win.

    The only evidence of an “over-rated” Big 10 was #9 Michigan State being completely blown out by #16 Alabama.

    I’d still rather watch a hard-hitting nose-to-the-grindstone Big 10 game any day of the week than an SEC snooze-fest of 50+ yard plays every other down with a final score better suited to basketball than football.

  5. As a WVU alum, my schadenfreude meter is currently pegged!!

    As the spouse of Michigan alum, I am looking forward to a return to more serene autumns, where we can both happily cheer on the each other’s football team!

  6. Wisconsin played a tough game against my beloved Horned Frogs. The Frogs just played tougher.

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