11 thoughts on “His Evil Powers Are Undiminished”

  1. Well, I always have liked GWB, despite his overspending “compassionate conservative” nonsense. So if he caused Pelosi to lose her job, somehow, that’s just one more feather in the man’s cap.

  2. When Pelosi, Reid, and Obama make imbecilic statements like this I don’t know if:

    1) They know they are saying pure illogical imbecilic garbage, but figure that most people don’t listen; listen only to sound bytes, or are too stupid to to know it’s crap, or

    2) They really believe what they are saying.

    Either way, it’s breathtakingly nutty.

  3. Republican wussification vaulted her to the Speakership. Tea Party de-wussification took from Nancy what the Vast Right Wing Complacency gave.

    So, is the Tea Party Bush’s fault?

  4. Mental competence has nothing to do with it. It’s a tactic: the big lie. The more frequently it’s stated, the greater its effectiveness.

  5. Seahawks beat Saints, and it’s Bush’s fault. (Reggie, no relation, and not really his fault, but it seemed to fit the meme.)

  6. I had some Chinese food for lunch yesterday, and it wasn’t as good as usual. It’s Bush’s fault.

  7. Sorry, Titus, making that accusation only once doesn’t cut it.

    Oh, wait, my Casita Burrito wasn’t very tasty last night, either….

  8. Well, yesterday I had some different Chinese food at a different place, and it was quite tasty, thank Obama…

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