The Appalling Judgement Of Some Voters

Thoughts on John Edwards’ latest escapades:

There’s a saying that when Republicans pick a presidential candidate, they fall in line; when Democrats pick a presidential candidate, they fall in love. The Edwards saga reminds us that while we may think we know the figures we vote for, support, donate to, and volunteer to help elect, we generally don’t really know them. You know your spouse, your family, and your friends. Beyond that, you know the face that someone presents to the world. There’s probably quite a bit of angst, or regret, or pain, or rage, or zaniness or obsessions or any one of a million quirks and traits and secrets behind your neighbor’s pleasant smile. This doesn’t mean that everyone’s a ticking time bomb; it just means we should be cautious before we put anybody up on a pedestal. This particularly applies to the realm of politics, a field that tends to attract the ambitious, the narcissistic, the power hungry, and those who find it hard to resist the notion that they’re “special” and that the rules don’t really apply to them.

Back when OJ Simpson was first accused of murdering his wife and her friend, I recall how many people were shocked. I wasn’t. That is, I didn’t think of OJ Simpson as a thug, but I didn’t think of him as much of anything except a football player and rental-car salesman, so when I heard that he’d done this, I just said, “Meh.” I was also completely unshocked when Edwards was revealed to be a total sleaze bag (not to insult actual bags of sleaze). And in this case, I would have expected it, because he always came across that way to me.

One thought on “The Appalling Judgement Of Some Voters”

  1. While I happily concur that Edwards’s supporters need to figure out how to assess character a smidge better, this might be the only decent things he’s done in a while. Marrying the mother of his child isn’t a bad thing. When you’re in deep sh**, sometimes you waste more time mincing around than if you just sink in, get your feet under you, and start slogging out.

    Of course, I’d be pretty happy if he doesn’t get his feet and stays out of real life for a while.

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