The “Highjackers Of Islam”

Who are they, really?

For years, we’ve heard how the peaceful religion of Islam has been hijacked by extremists.

What if it’s the other way around? Worse, what if the peaceful hijackers are losing their bid to take over the religion?

We need to nurture the apostates, but we can’t pretend they aren’t apostates. We are at war with Islam, whether we like it or not. Or to put it another way, we may not be interested in Islam, but Islam is definitely interested in us. And Israel has absolutely nothing to do with it, other than being on the front lines in the war.

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  1. Intellectual apologetics aren’t going to make it go away. That’s 9/10 thinking. America has been at war with Islam since the ‘shores of Tripoli’ and if enough of us don’t get it, they win eventually just like they’re doing in the U.K. today.

  2. I’d be OK with considering Islam a polymorphous religion, judging each of its practioners on an individual basis by his actions, not making sweeping everyone into a crude caricature and butt of late-night jokes — if everyone who wants me to would grant the same privilege to Christianity, including its evangelical branches.

    But they kind of don’t, do they? Folks feel free to rain boorish contempt on Baptists because some of their members are goofballs, but then they’re mightily tolerant of the equivalent among Islam.

    You say a woman should not learn to read or drive, wear a burka, be stoned if she sleeps around? Well…sure that’s a little behind the times, but we can understand — why, it’s almost like that here! We have folks down south who think mothers should stay home with their kids instead of finishing their law degrees. Practically the same thing!

    Why is this? The natural suspicion is that they know angry Baptists will write stern letters to the editor of The Washington Post (which won’t be published), while angry Muslims will cut off heads and blow up buildings.

    I suspect it’s the feeling that underlying their gracious tolerance for Islam is simple cowardice or, worse still, ingratiating ass-kissery, that makes people so angry with the Modern Left’s wide stance on Islam.

  3. From day one Islam declared war on the non-Muslim world in the name of Allah, and no believer has the authority to countermand his orders. You’re either with Allah or against him, and if you call yourself a Muslim and won’t continue the war to subdue the world, he’ll find another Muslim who will. After 1400 years the original jihad has lost a lot of steam, but that doesn’t change the fact that even if 1% of the 1.5 billion Muslims get religion again, that’s 150 million jihadists to deal with. Read the Historyscoper’s Islam Watch Blog.

  4. Why discourage the more liberal Muslims by calling them apostates?

    Horse. Manure. We must watch very very carefully what we say. Truth doesn’t matter, what matters is discouragment. Frickin FEELINGS. Don’t hurt their FEELINGS you dolts. Or they’ll… what-the-frack-ever.

    Thanks for the chortle.

  5. Although we eventually became a different country, our territorial acquisitions didn’t end with the Trail of Tears either. When did we last acquire territory — 1978? Just before giving back the Panama Canal Zone, we acquired the Northern Mariana Islands

    Way to go BOB! Like, 40 words of… [I’m at a loss]. Did you get a triple-word-score for shoehorning the Trail of Tears into this thread? American territorial history in a nutshell: The Northern Mariana Islands. Seriously, drink much last night?

    Oh, sorry:

    albeit with the consent of the residents.

  6. Why did Cthulhu mention John Ross in response to Ken’s comment?

    And the answer is…

    Because the only land we’ve ever asked for was enough land to bury our dead indian enemies. And that is the kind of nation we are.

    Thanks Bob.

    Oh… Casinos.

    (my shoehorn isn’t as big as yours)

  7. Curt,

    Ancestors of my children perished on the Trail of Tears. John Ross won in the US Supreme Court, but Andrew Jackson refused to enforce the ruling. If you’re trying to say that the Jackson was right, then go fuck yourself. Regardless of your politics, an American president refusing to enforce the ruling of the Supreme Court is despicable. We are a nation of laws, not men.

    And, as I said in my original post, don’t read more than what I wrote into my post. I have no interest in returning land to the Cherokees (or other Native American tribes), nor paying reparations, and think that all of us are ultimately better off the way that things are now. But we shouldn’t deceive ourselves that it was done with honor and/or the best intentions; it wasn’t. And the human cost was extraordinarily high. Recommend a visit to the Cherokee Heritage Museum in Talequah, OK to see what really happened.

  8. If you’re trying to say that the Jackson was right, then go fuck yourself.

    And if your trying to equate Gen. Powel’s sentiment regarding the honorable history of our armed forces to an incident of forced relocation of Native Americans from 160 years ago, then…

    I don’t think anybody’s advice on where to place your stuff would mean much. You’re past that point.

  9. Curt, I think the point isn’t really the Trail of Tears, so much as it is undeniable that the US once used its military to gain new territory. And in my comment, I just wanted to point out it didn’t’ stop with the Indian Wars. I should have mentioned all those acquisitions from Spain. The acquisition of small islands in the Pacific after WWII was benign but the use of the US Navy to create Panama and the resulting Canal Zone demonstrates that the truth of Gen. Powell’s sentiment doesn’t extend even as far back as 1903. I love my country, but I don’t want to deny its history, warts and all.

  10. I don’t think anybody could say ‘America is without sin.’ There is no perfection among humans. But is America a force for good? When we hold to our principles, absolutely.

    But all of that has absolutely nothing to do with the nature of Islam.

    Anyone that thinks 9/11 was somehow justified… I can’t even speak to it.

    I will say that anyone cheering that day should be hunted down until the end of eternity and killed.

    Al Capone by Robert De Niro

    “I want him dead! l want his family dead! I want his house burnt to the ground! l want to go …”

  11. @Ken Anyone that thinks 9/11 was somehow justified… I can’t even speak to it.

    I will say that anyone cheering that day should be hunted down until the end of eternity and killed.

    It wasn’t justified, in any reasonable sense, of course, but I guess I’m just too damned open to the written word. I find the basic questions about the 9/11 events somewhat valid.

    Why the collapse of the towers at the speed of gravity?

    How was the concrete pulverized (powdered) if the collapse was at the speed of gravity?

    Why did WTC 7 collapse?

    Why no airplane wreckage?

    Why no pix of a plane about to impact the Pentagon?

    Why do engineers say it couldn’t have happened the way it seemed to happen?

    Where are the photos of airliner parts being removed from the crash sites, especially the Pentagon?

    In every other event of this type we have seen these things, and can google search for the photos. Why not for this, the most notorious attack on our country since December 7th 1941?

    Curious minds want to know.

    I don’t personally KNOW that anything untoward happened on September 11, 2001, but based on my reading of US history, I wouldn’t be too surprised.

    And I sorry if my questions shake your unwavering devotion to what has become our federal government. But it’s just that I would like to know the answers.

  12. Bob-1, I’m really NOT a 9-11 conspiracy nut job but I agree, no, you didn’t “vet” that debunk site.

    It reads like a bad negative to the 9-11 site I visited (link above in someone ellses’ comment – as sarcasm), crazy in its own way.

    Fuck if I know. But watching the Trade Centers falling down was the damnedest thing.

  13. Could you clarify? What’s crazy about the site? In particular, regarding how the towers fell, does this page address your issue, and does it get something wrong?

  14. I hadn’t visited that page, and that’s a pretty good amount of information. The sweeping statements on the main page seemed, at first glance, to be written by someone whose mission was to counter without showing a comprehensive argument. But the pages further in DO seem to address the actual facts.

    I’ll shut up now…

  15. Ok, but I think your doubts will linger if you don’t read on.

    Regarding your doubts about WT7, see

    Regarding your doubts about the Pentagon, see

    I think those two pages cover all the remaining questions you asked above, but if not, note that the pages link to a much larger set of pages with equally extensive and comprehensive notes on what happened that day.

    If you continue to have doubts, I would urge you to post them here, particularly doubts involving the physics of the situation.

  16. Bennett, I’m the last person to kneel at the alter of government. As far as motivation I think all humans are a combination of hitler and mother theresa with no fixed points on the spectrum. Conspiracies do happen and they are out to get ya. However, we know who flew those planes into those towers. And we saw people in the streets cheering it. As for no plane wreckage, didn’t the ground zero mosque get hit with an undercarriage?

    I saw the second plane hit. That image will be forever in my mind. I lived in NY and used to take the train under those towers five days a week. My favorite news stand was in one of those towers. I care.

    Even if there was some truth to various theories it doesn’t change the basic facts. Evil killed innocents. I want evil hunted, tortured, humiliated, killed, revived, humiliated again, then allowed to suffer for a while, then torn limb from limb and fed to pigs. …and I’m extremely open to anything worse.

  17. Brilliantly understated rejoinder braveheart.

    Ancestors of my children perished on the Trail of Tears.

    I have a small piece of news for you. Every member of h fucking sap can make a claim of that form. It doesn’t make you special, and doesn’t add perfume to what you have to say. And every tick of the clock brings a reduction in any minute relevance left in it. A good visual metaphor would be a decorated soccer ball floating away in the rain. I can (barely) see how one whos identity is wrapped up in past wrongs could end up with a bitterness in the back of their throat, and a retarded ability to see current events in a clear manner. Go chink a glass of water.

  18. then torn limb from limb and fed to pigs.

    No. Stabbed in the abdomen, loosely bound (the way stoning victims are), placed inside a still-twitching hog, and buried. With the process videotaped and appropriately distributed.

  19. Mr. Simberg, you’ve made a grievous rhetorical error here.

    It is arguable that “jihadist” Islam is more theologically correct than “moderate” Islam, but that does not make non-jihadist Moslems “apostates”.

    An “apostate” is someone who breaks away from a religion and explicitly rejects it. Ibn Warraq, author of Why I Am Not a Muslim, is an apostate. So are Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Tariq Ali.

    The people you are referring to remain Moslems. They may be heretics, but not apostates.

  20. Mr. Rostrom – Heretics are treated by most faiths (including, historically, Christianity) at least as badly as infidels. Usually much worse.

  21. Thanks to both Bob-1 and Ken. I never really entertained the “belief” that there was any conspiracy other than the one by the perps who carried it out, but spin is a funny thing. Especially in this photoshop world we live in.

    Ken, I saw the second impact on the TV that fateful day, did you see it in person?!?!

    I was digging a big pond on my property in 2011 and working on the backhoe that afternoon and not a contrail anywhere in the clear blue sky had more of an impact than I would have thought.


    PS: just dip the bullets in pig blood. That messes with ’em every time.

  22. No, I was on the west coast in WA at the time. I used to sleep with CNN on and woke up before the second plane hit. But I did live in NY about 30 years ago. Worked on Williams St. which is right there in the shadow and once worked with a blind programmer in the towers for a short time. I worked in midtown during my 5 day a week commute.

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