9 thoughts on “Matthew Yglesias”

  1. Looks to me like he’d be flipping burgers, if it wasn’t for the unusual generosity of the Atlantic Monthly. And he’s a Harvard boy too. Guess credentials beat competence once again.

  2. I hardly ever read anything by Yglesias — okay, make that “never” — these days. I tend to avoid reading the writings of a stupid butthead. But I kind of wish I’d known about the Miami thing because I was born and raised there and OMG — “why can’t they build further to the west, does anyone know?” — OMG. He needs to wear a warning label at all times, maybe like one of those medical alert bracelets: “Warning: this person is weapons-grade stupid.”

  3. “Warning: this person is weapons-grade stupid.” Andrea, I LOVE that statement! Have to find an opportunity to use it, myself.

  4. Is that what the Miami thing was about? I hit that page yesterday but the map wouldn’t load, so I wasn’t sure what his point–if he had one–was. I guess I got confused by the ambient stupidity.

  5. I didn’t make up the “weapons-grade stupid” line so I can’t take credit for it. I saw it somewhere on the internet. 😀

    Rick C: yeah, apparently Yglesias went to Miami, probably visited a few clubs and the beach, and saw how flat everything was, and like too many visitors to the place decided that was all he needed to know to make assumptions.

    BTW — the Everglades isn’t so much a swamp as it is an actual river — very shallow, very swampy, but it has a current. So basically Miami is jammed between two large bodies of water. In any case, when I left in ’99 the city was expanding as much as it could, into the northwest of the country and extending south towards Homestead, where a lot of farmland was being transformed into subdivisions of new homes. I suppose the housing bubble collapse, which really affected Florida, has brought a halt to a lot of that, though.

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