11 thoughts on “You Don’t Say”

  1. “…the principle of the right of all groups in Britain to live by their traditional values — had failed to promote a sense of common identity…”

    Among the deep thinkers of red neck America, there’s an old saying for obvious statements like that, “…no shit Sherlock!”

  2. Der Schtumpy: Especially poignant as I think Bill Paxton’s character used that exact line in Aliens, directed by Cameron of course.

  3. Hmmmmm……. I thought they were. If not, please disregard.

    However, my comment was, if nothing else, a reminder of how wonderfully amusing and memorable Bill Paxton has been (True Lies, Aliens, etc.)

  4. It’s kinda tragic, dropping by and seeing the comments about Cameron and thinking “Right, liberal hollywood director spouting off about something he knows little about.” and missing that it was the PM…

    If that’s not a fuck-me moment, nothing is.

    Ah well, it’s almost time for football.

  5. I always thought the US “melting pot” was an advantage in that we have a culture with shared values. “Separate but equal” certainly didn’t work very well.

  6. The melting pot works a damn sight better than the later “salad bowl” metaphor, which was an attempt to justify multiculturalism. My opinion of it hasn’t changed since I wrote this.

  7. One only has to look at the nations that practise “multiculturism” to see disaster after diosaster.

  8. Actually, multi-culturalism in the UK at least works quite well – with one huge, glaring exception. Jews have been here for ages. Ditto Chinese. Ditto Indians. Ditto West Indians. And a few Thais, Gurkhas, and now Poles. And all of them fit in quite well and as far as ethnic Brits are concerned mostly furnish a bit of extra colour and more interesting food than we had before.

    The glaring exception? Ethnic Pakistanis. And why is that? Answers on a postcard, please. Clue; it’s one word beginning with I. Which is also the case for most of the rest of Europe. Not Pakistanis on the rest of Europe, though. In France it’s Algerians. In Germany Turks. In Scandinavia it’s Somalians, mostly. What have those diverse racial groups got in common?

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