6 thoughts on “And It All Started With The TSA”

  1. According to Goodwin’s Law, the original commenter wins the argument so I don’t feel to sorry for him. It’s a shame the comment thread was officially over before the good ones started, though.

  2. Godwin’s Law cannot put to rest that which does not die. Fritz, you speak as one who knows little of the dark arts of thread necromancy. Many of the powerful, twisted techniques of restoring a thread to a shambling mockery of life are fully illustrated here. Speaking as a professional thread killer who has issued the last word on many threads, this thread may see several moons ere it finds final peace.

  3. Fritz: Godwin’s Law states only that Hitler will be referenced. Not that one “wins” if the other guy brings him up (especially if it’s warranted, though I think in that case the Nazi reference works against the person who did it – after all, Wehrmacht conscriptees are worthy of a little compassion, are they not? It’s not like they wouldn’t be SHOT if they’d rebelled.)

  4. I suspect this thread will go on for a long, long time. BTW, Michael Hawkins, the original commenter, has humbly responded at comment #90. This form could be called “Hawkins’ Haiku.”

  5. Good point Sigivald, I once worked with a Wehrmacht conscriptee- he was in the Hungarian army and had only a choice between immediate death and possible survival.

    He found a land mine outside of Kiev the hard way in 1943 and got around pretty well on prosthetic legs- one day he click-clunked into the office we shared, touched the case case of his computer to avoid a static zap, then turned to me and said, “I don’t need to do zis- I am izolated from ground!”

    He sure shocked me, though…

    Best advice for TSA agents:

    # OkieCoder Says:
    February 24th, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    Most recent position: TSA Agent
    Reason for leaving: Utter disgust

    Seriously, what’s a more sure-fire way to land any job you want?

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