10 thoughts on “All Your Thoughts”

  1. I for one would like to welcome our new overlord, the Commerce Clause. The Commerce Clause comes in peace. Obey the Commerce Clause. Love the Commerce Clause. The Commerce Clause loves you.

  2. Well, I’m going to enjoy thinking what I’m thinking while I still can! Aaaah, now that’s some nice thinkin’….it’d be completely illegal to do what I’m thinking for real, of course, but for now I can still imagine it! And it has nothing to do with s3x (is that the way to get “that word” past the filters?).

  3. Sad that freedom only lasts until the second person comes along. Gattica!

    It seems the mind probes have to fry certain parts of your brain. Quityercomplainin.

    Bilwick, you’ve got that right.

  4. Thought Police? I’m not worried. It’s usually the person with the strongest instrument that wins the debate / contest. In this case we’re up against liberals and government employees. Neither group known for deep, sustained thought.

  5. Our thoughts are now actions …

    You reap what you sow … You didn’t say anything against outlawing porn because it didn’t affect you … It was nothing more than making certain thoughts illegal … now it has come back to haunt you …

  6. A complete ends justify the means argument. Where was she when Truman needed to drop an atomic bomb on Japan? Or when the Germans wanted to sterilize the unfit? They could have used her.

  7. This is exactly the sort of batshit crazy that Justice Kennedy needed to have on record before casting Obamacare into the Potomic. 🙂

    Again, the indemnifying-one’s-fellow-ratepayer rationale is a ruse, otherwise catastrophic coverage would suffice. It’s redistribution, straight-up. The oft-used GM car analogy is clever, but way off — Obamacare makes people buy a Mercedes.

  8. Oh, here we go — to prove my point, the great state of CA has delivered a giant FUUUU to the buyers of catastrophic insurance: the Exchange is going to monopolize the sale of catastrophic plans, presumably so they can deny sale to those PPACA demands purchase their expensive plans. The good news is that if you’re an illegal alien (page 7), you’re free to buy whatever you want!

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