8 thoughts on “Gee, Ya Think?”

  1. You really cannot expect The Big O to do anything decisive:

    that would require absorbing the negative comments and complaints that always accompanies decisiveness and action…….

    …………..and the hero of the Tiergarten cannot handle that.

  2. I don’t really buy the excuse that Obama was waiting until Americans had been evacuated, considering there were Navy ships that could have evacuated them sooner.

  3. Charles Says:

    “An indecisvive Big-O is probably a good thing for Libya…and its people.”

    Oh I don’t know….extracting US citizens and diplomatic personnel much more rapidly and decisively than renting a boat that can’t handle the storm would have been useful to us and would have given O more freedom of action (no possible hostages).

    Imposing a No-Fly zone could have actually saved a few Libyan lives.

  4. This administration has been out to lunch for these events. A case in point, the Obama administration has recently made statements to the effect that they want to prevent the Libyan government from attacking demonstrators, and they want to avoid a civil war. How out of touch are these statements? The government has been shooting demonstrators with live ammunition and dropping bombs from planes on them for some time now. Moreover, most of Libya is under rebel control, the rebels fight with small arms, RPGs, machine guns, and tanks. I’m pretty sure there is no objective measure by which Libya is not already fully immersed in civil war.

    Whether or not intervention of any degree (in Libya or elsewhere) is a good idea is an important question. But to get to an answer the Obama administration needs clear-cut principles and goals as well as a clear understanding of the actual course of developments in the region, but the administration appears to have neither.

  5. Last thing I’d want is to give Big O more freedom of action…especially in the Middle East…for any reason.

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