Union Versus Business Contributions

It’s not quite the way Jon Chait imagines:

…the list reads:

Democratic/Union Goon proxy: $51 million

Death Star, Inc.: $46 million

Union Goons (public sector): $43 million

The Committee to Re-Inflate the Bubble by Electing Democrats: $38 million

The Bankers Who Elected Barack Obama: $33 million

Democratic trial lawyers: $33 million

Union Goons: $33 million

Union Goons (public sector): $32 million

Union Goons: $30 million

Union Goons: $30 million


5 thoughts on “Union Versus Business Contributions”

  1. No wonder the politicians have come to think of our money as theirs. Laundering tax revenue through the wallets of their major contributors has become the principal underlying philosophy of the Democrats.

  2. The bizarre thing is how people will post

    so, business out-contributes unions 3 to 1.

    even though (as had been mentioned twice by this point!) most of the business contributions are split between Republican and Democrat candidates, and only slightly favor Republican candidates.

    In other words, Democrats have a massive funding source from public unions and private unions that work on public projects, while Republicans have a slight advantage from businesses.

    The thing to note here is that business is not coherent. They’re all over the place as to what they want and don’t want. Same with most non-profits. Public-sector unions are unified in their greed for public funds.

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