A Great Riposte To John McCain

From Rand Paul: “I’d rather be a hobbit than a troll.”

John McCain can’t leave public life soon enough for me.

[Update early evening]

On the other hand, Chrissie Matthews has found a new tingle up his leg:

Chris Matthews’ infatuation with John McCain has returned. The day after the Republican senator bashed his own party, knocking “Hobbit” Tea Partiers, the Hardball anchor on Thursday lauded him as “great” and even suggested McCain as a MSNBC guest host: “…He can substitute for me some night with that kind of talk!”

Don’t expect him to actually vote for him, though.

10 thoughts on “A Great Riposte To John McCain”

  1. Ever since McCain’s primary run in 2000 I’ve had a riddle.

    Q: Why did McCain cross the aisle?

    A: Because the cameras were on the other side.

  2. And regarding his low blows about Angle and O’Donnell – I’d rather lose a senatorial election on my merits, than lose a presidential election because I couldn’t inspire half the people to vote. McCain is truly, the biggest loser.

  3. Here’s my simple question.

    What HAPPENED to this guy? It seem like he is losing his mind. He was never all that far right, but bashing the Tea Party seems over the top and STUPID given their clout right now.

    And it’s bad enough for the Dems to say the Tea Party is X, Y or Z, but for a Republican to start that crap is just divisive!!

    The simp.

    He can’t GO away soon enough. Nor any other RINOs like him.

  4. The problem is that none of the RINO’s actually have a philosophical foundation. It’s just about being among the good old boys. Bill O’Reilly really is the poster boy for the type of thinking. Fox is ideologically in the center (based on donations to political candidates.) They’ve abdicated any real allegiance to our founders principles. Look at the best of them ideologically, Fred Thompson. Even he’s made some boner decisions because the left’s ideology, in wave after wave, changes them all.

    Even the new tea party members of congress are not completely immune.

    I hate to say it out loud, but Thomas is right about potential influences. We will be disappointed in the future again and again, but we have to hold to principles. The left is committed to the death.

    Except on foreign policy, which I think we can trust McCain with, anything else and he’s clueless and a perfect tool for the left.

  5. It will interesting to see if the Republican Party ends up splitting over the debt debate.

  6. Yep. They will split spit out the elite republicans to join the demoncrats then “we the people” will again have a voice in this country.

  7. “It will interesting to see if the Republican Party ends up splitting over the debt debate.”

    Isn’t it already split, between the RINOs and the people who actually value liberty? While the Democrats, headed by the Red Diaper Baby in the White House, are more or less unanimously statist, legalized-looting camp.

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