I Love The Smell Of Fear In The Morning

The Dems are starting to get worried about their presidential prospects next year. They should be. But here’s the myth that will apparently never die:

Some Democrats are even feeling “snookered” that Obama fooled them with his brilliant 2008 campaign…

There was no “brilliant 2008 campaign.” They ran the only campaign they knew how to run, because they had a cipher on which everyone could project their fantasies. Given the level of Bush fatigue, how awful the McCain campaign was, and his response to the midst of the bank meltdown, any Democrat would have likely won. I hope that they continue to nurture this myth, though, because it will result in many mistakes in the campaign next year from hubris (including keeping people like Plouffe and Axelrod, who mistook their own luck for brilliance).

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  1. Axelrod is boring. I hear him, and I’m amazed that anyone would pay money for his advice. I guess when you really need to pay for someone’s admiration, and hiring a prostitute would be inappropriate, then Axelrod’s your man. If that’s what you really need.

  2. They’re starting to put a lot of effort into sabotaging and abusing Romney as the front-runner. This is a good thing from my point of view, as I don’t think he’d make a particularly good president. At this point, we should be welcoming direct and non-obscene press & Democratic (but I repeat myself…) attacks on various members of the Republican primary pool. It should help winnow out the pack, and the responses should do more to reveal character and attitudes than the usual collegiate no-news intraparty debates.

    I like Perry right now, for instance, but that’s on very short acquaintance & his cv. Let’s see how he is once the heat is on, yes? At one point in my very spotty political life, I also liked John Edwards, after all.

    One must hope for some modicum of personal growth, or else life is nothing but tragedy and farce…

  3. Reaganite Republican wrote “How sweet it is to contemplate the so-called ‘progressives’ coming demise”

    It is indeed, but we won’t be able to consider Progressivism truly dead until a stake has been driven through its heart, a silver bullet shot through its cranium, the mouth filled with salt and sewn shut, the head cut off, the remains deep-frozen in liquid helium and then thrown into the heart of a thermonuclear plasma furnace exhausting quarks and gluons into a black hole. And even then you have to remain vigilant, lest some quirk of the space-time continuum conspire to warp you back in time, or cause a reassembly of the quarks into a fully reanimated and ticked-off Progressivism.

  4. “Progressivism” will never die. It’s bred into our genes, a form of the same unrealistic hope that also keeps us reaching for the stars. And, up to a point, that’s a good thing. Recall G. K. Chesterton: “The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of the Conservatives is to prevent the mistakes from being corrected.”

    In fact, we need Progressives and Communists and Socialists to go on proposing stupid fantasy schemes for the perfection of humanity, because every now and then, some part of what they propose will actually make sense. We just also need a strong movement of Conservatives to burn away the nonsense from those ideas, and a strong liberty-loving movement that fiercely resists any encroachment on individual liberty. Progressivism as a strong minority movement makes all kinds of sense, just like it makes sense that teenagers tend to critically examine mom ‘n’ dad’s values and goals when they move out of the house. This is healthy.

    You just never want to hand the keys to the car to a headstrong teenager or a progressivist movement. Every time that happens, you get a big crash and people die.

  5. I strongly believe in the mirror image of Carl’s sentiment, which is why I keep reading this blog, looking for an interesting perspective or two amongst 1) the bigotry which is disgusting-and-all-too-plentiful, and 2) the political ideas which are occasionally-nice-but-sadly-wrong. I’ll spare you my mirror-image analogy to the teenagers with car keys, as it would make you angrily shake your cane.

  6. “They also feel that Obama does not have same “killer instinct” that the Clinton’s have.”

    That could be true but Obama spent more money than any politician in the history of our country on attack ads. He also hasn’t been shy about attacking his political opponents. That the Democrats are not satisfied with his level of attacks says a lot.

  7. Bob-1 Says:

    “1) the bigotry which is disgusting-and-all-too-plentiful”

    When you don’t want to talk about an issue, you can’t just say everyone but you is a bigot.

  8. I’m happy to talk about the issues. I comment here fairly frequently, and I try to provide supporting evidence more than most. But the bigotry here is embarrassing or frightening or sad, depending on the flavor of the day. If I pointed it out every time I saw it, I’d get called a troll.

  9. Well what about his brilliant campaign against Hillary since really that was the only contest in 2008. The wheels were starting to come off near the end but he had got enough momentum to push him through the democratic primary and was able to coast to the win in the general with some help from the banking crisis of August/September

  10. Alexrod reminds me of that greasy old toe-sucker, Dick Morris. Alexrod (like Morris) combines a smarmy self-regard with a sneering contempt. Very unattractive.

  11. I strongly believe in the mirror image of Carl’s sentiment

    Mission accomplished Bob… you’ve blown my mind. Where can I get the stuff you’re taking 🙂

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