7 thoughts on “Child Of The Corn”

  1. They were only 25 feet from the entrance? Seriously…just walk through the corn rows and leave the silly place. It amazes me the people that walk through life with their own self-styled set of blinders on.

  2. Have you ever been deep inside a corn field late in the season? I’m closer to a country boy so it doesn’t much phase me, but if you were a city person, you could be utterly and totally lost and disoriented. You’d eventually come out somewhere but I imagine it would be a rather scary experience to the typical not-very-close-to-the-Earth suburbanite or urbanite.

  3. I sure hope the family never watches The Shining or Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Those kids will be traumatized with PTSD for the rest of their lives. Just like their father and mother…

  4. Make left turns only. It’ll take you through any maze.

    Well, unless you’re trapped in the middle of the maze. In that case, follow the friggin’ maps, instead.

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