Racist Republicans

…are flocking to Cain:

Racism is not dead in this country; anybody who edits blog comments knows that we still have plenty of hot headed haters and racist fools running around. That’s not surprising; any time you have 300 million eggs in a basket, a few of them are going to be addled.

But when GOP conservatives from South Carolina have a Black Congressman, a non-white governor and are lining up to vote for a Black presidential candidate, I think it’s time we reconsidered the slur and defame policy.

As long as the anti-conservative, anti-Christian bigots think that the race card works for them, they’ll keep playing it. In fact, probably longer. Because I don’t think it’s working much any more.

3 thoughts on “Racist Republicans”

  1. Oh, if Herman gets the nomination they’ll adapt and try the Authenticity Card.

    Against a man whose ancestors suffered because of slavery instead of profiting from it.

    I’m going long on popcorn futures.

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