Did I Get Results?

Remember this post about the headline on Ken Chang’s story about the ISS flight? Well, the story’s been republished with a different headline. Note the fine print at the bottom: “A version of this article appeared in print on November 13, 2011, on page A6 of the New York edition with the headline: NASA Hitches a Ride on a Russian Craft, and Begins a New Dependent Phase.”

[Update a while later]

What? They changed it back to the original headline? I didn’t get a screen shot, but I swear (as Clark’s link says) when I first saw it this morning, the headline was “NASA and Russia Begin New Chapter in Space.”

2 thoughts on “Did I Get Results?”

  1. You just might have.

    One area in which I know you’ve gotten results is in your argument that the risks we take [in space] are directly related to its importance [or lack thereof]. Keep it up. That meme is really scoring some big points, and is getting socialized in areas of which you may be unaware.

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