11 thoughts on “Occupy Planned Parenthood”

  1. The thought experimenters should go back to the multi-day “Summer of Mercy” protests in Wichita, Kansas. Right-to-lifers weren’t setting up tents or crapping on police cars or spreading lice (“Humans are just one of 8.7 million species! Occupy human heads! WE ARE THE 99.99999989%!”) or raping anyone or torching condominiums, but the press reacted as if someone had launched a missile toward Wichita. They thought rioting was imminent, but the Armageddon they were expecting never came

    I always said that the Left would be treating Muslims a lot differently if al-Qaeda had flown planes into abortion clinics and gay bars.

  2. “This is what Democracy looks like!” See, they’re pro-Democracy, anti-religious zealotry!

    The Guy Fawkes masks? What? Oh, they just look cool!

  3. “You see, if your sleepover was ever about banks and corporations and economic injustice, it isn’t anymore. It is now all about you. It’s about your infighting over how much of the proceeds of your begging passers-by your movement’s finance committee lets you keep.”

    Hmmm, what will happen with the money?

  4. “hope thwarted is in danger of turning sour, patience exhausted becoming anger, militant nonviolence losing its allure. It isn’t just the mainstream media that says things could get ugly.”

    Militant nonviolence?

    1. Years ago, there was a promo for some cop comedy movie (likely one of the Police Academy series) that had the dispatcher saying, “Use of excessive force is authorized.” I though of that when reading about the police moving in to break up the Occupy emcampments.

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