5 thoughts on “Markos Is Unhappy”

  1. His complaint is pretty hilarious.

    If you keep reading that story, the Democrats listed all remain adamant that they’ll remain co-sponsors of the legislation but work to “fix it”.


    It’s been a while since we’ve seen Democrats this tone deaf, this oblivious to political reality.

    You have an entire wired generation focused on this issue like a laser, fighting like hell to protect their online freedoms, and it’s FUCKING REPUBLICANS who are playing the heroes by dropping support?

    HAHA. He’s honestly complaining that Democrats are ignoring clear, unambiguous disapproval of a bill that they support!? What kind of witless imbecile can be surprised by that behavior?

    If the Leftist world view required everyone’s favorite ice cream be vanilla, telling them you prefer chocolate just wouldn’t register. They are that stupid.

  2. I’m thinking that for a lot of democrats in congress the “side effects” of SOPA are desirable, while most republican supporters were ignorant of the problem. The scale of the outrage has been a wake up call, that critics can’t be so easily dismissed as copyright pirates.

    Democrats have been tone deaf for several years where their agenda is concerned. But they’ve reached a new low with SOPA/PIPA, ignoring not just masses of americans, but masses of their own base, in the face of major media coverage of the oposition.

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