6 thoughts on “To Boldly Go”

  1. I thought this was about the sinking cruise ship where captain and crew elbowed woman and children out of the way to leave the ship first.

    I expect many kids on mars to have to use hand-me-down suits.

  2. My wife won’t even move to Texas, so Mars would be out of the question!

    She did say if anyone asks me I could go.

    Now I just have to hold out a hope that someone will figure out that 50 something, technically inclined and trained, fat guys are THE prime candidates for a Mars trip.

  3. As usual with Reason, the real fun is in the comments:

    Captain: We were having a navigational issue.

    Cost Guard: Then why were you going full speed ahead if you were having issues?

    Captain: The space was deep enough, the Sun was uncharted, I didn’t know it was there.

    Cost Guard: The Sun? You didn’t know the Sun was there? People have been living around the Sun for millions of years, it was charted before we even had charts.


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