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      1. It’s very important that “white” people be framed for this crime. The (rhetorical) question is why they put up with it.

        1. At least 2 reasons:

          1) Because the white population is divided – half of the white population will castigate the other half as rassist crackahs (out of guilt). When the non-white race baiters join them, they are suddenly in a minority.

          2) Will. As Kaiser Sose said, it’s will that wins the day. Most people are not willing to descend into the level of vitriol it would take to call things as they are.

          1. What’s amazing is that this issue splits the Democrat base: blacks and mestizos, and the GOP is AWOL. If they wanted to swoop-in to win more support from the latinos, every other phrase out of their mouths should be “self defense” for the next few weeks. Yes, the Left will perk up their ears and shout “dog whistles! racist!”, but they do that no matter what.

          2. I disagree Titus. The best thing for a politician to do in this case is stay away from it. There are plenty of witnesses and records. The proper procedures for handling this case are occurring. The problem is the lefty politicians don’t want that to happen, because they want a race war. It’s how they gather their power, as Jim explained was their job.

            The GOP doesn’t need to defend Zimmerman. I’m not sure I agree with what Zimmerman did, and I haven’t seen sufficient evidence to support either party in this situation. I do know that a civil society doesn’t go out into the streets, pull Zimmerman out of his home, and lynch him before allowing a trial to occur. If a GOP politician wants to weigh in, I hope they simply say, “what’s wrong with letting the federal* and state grand jury do their job?”

            * I do think the federal grand jury is unnecessary on multiple levels. First, it is involved based on a manipulated audio record that suggests the shooting was racially motivated. No other evidence supports this claim. Second, I believe the “hate crimes” legislation is bad law. It creates a special protective class based on skin color or sexual preference. Note, pointing out the problems of a federal grand jury in this case doesn’t require knowing the shooters skin color or defending his action.

          3. I will concede that discretion may be the better part of valor, but I still believe the Dems fear a rift in the black/latino Dem coalition more than they desire a race war. I hope I’m right.

          4. I still believe the Dems fear a rift in the black/latino Dem coalition more than they desire a race war.

            On that, I agree and also hope both of us are right.

  1. Who’s George Zimmerman? I thought Sarah Palin shot Trayvon Martin.

    [Props to Mr. Turner for that one…]

  2. Zimmerman’s father was white and his mother from Peru, so he’s being called a “white hispanic.” By that logic, Obama should be called a white African.

    There are so many conflicting accounts of what happened. All we really know for sure is that an unarmed 17 year old black boy is dead, shot by Zimmerman. Some news accounts indicate Zimmerman had been injured by Martin before firing the shot. However, it’s possible Martin was acting in self-defense against Zimmerman. Under no circumstances should a neighborhood watch member confront someone he considers suspicious. He should call the police and let them do their job. Some reports seem to indicate that Zimmerman might be a “cop wanna be”. However, with the story getting politicized and changing so much, I don’t know if any of us can know anything for sure.

    1. Sigh.

      Under no circumstances should a 6′ 2″ football player plant himself on top of someone that was retreating to his car and beat his head on the pavement.

      The “cop wanna be” and his wife reportedly tutored black kids. They would have made good cops.

      1. The kid was unarmed. Zimmerman wasn’t. The kid was reportedly staying with a relative so he had every right to be there. If Zimmerman came after the kid, the kid had the same right to self defense as anyone else. We simply don’t know the facts of the matter. Too many people are jumping to conclusions on both sides. It could be that Zimmerman was justified. It could also be that he was an asshole who decided to confront someone only to have them fight back.

        1. Yeah so when Ali who is unarmed wops your ass we all know you have no rright to defend yourself. Poor little 6’2″ Valvoline aka Mayvan or whatever apparently assaulted a school bus driver and has a record of burglary. Yup just a misunderstood choirboy who loves wearing hoodies in the mid 80s in Florida. Don’t you wear clothing like this when its hot and muggy?

          Apparently you aren’t aware that this choirboy attacked Zimmerman, broke his nose, pounded his skull on the sidewalk which was witnessed, so who the hell is Zimmerman t5o defend himself?

          This kid is your usual gang banger with twits to prove it.

          1. Yeah, tough guy. Now, think of it from Martin’s perspective. Someone you don’t know gets out of his car. Do you feel threatened? What did Zimmerman say or do when he got out of his car (against the advice of the 911 operator)? Would Martin have the right to defend himself in those circumstances, or is that only something allowed to whites?

        2. No accounts I’m aware of, have Zimmerman initiating physical contact with Miller. Absent that, Miller had no right to attack Zimmerman (which is what’s been reported) or to repeatedly slam his head into the concrete (which has also been reported). Whether Miller was armed or not is irrelevant in a case like that.

          1. According to reports, Zimmerman was in his car when talking to 911. The confrontation happened outside of his car. Either he got out of the car or he was dragged out by Martin. Zimmerman was the armed one and the supposed adult in the matter. What happened when he got out of the car? Some reports indicate Martin was aware he was being followed. Did he feel threatened?

            Put yourself in Martin’s shoes for a moment. You’re unarmed. You’re not doing anything wrong. Someone is following you and they get out of the car. Did Zimmerman confront Martin? We don’t know. There was a struggle and Martin was killed. That we do know, but we don’t know who or what started it.

        3. “Put yourself in Martin’s shoes for a moment. You’re unarmed. You’re not doing anything wrong. ”

          So “Scream and Leap” is justified in your world?

          Gee, Larry: If Valvoline or whatever had just said to Zimmerman that he DID live here, here’s the address, let’s go over and you can see for yourself- Zimmerman would’ve looked like a fool and that would’ve been it. Instead, he attacked a smaller man and was beating him bloody when he got his just reward.
          Way to defend the mindlessly violent aggressor, dude.

          1. You’re so certain of what happened when in fact, the only two people who know for sure are Martin and Zimmerman, and Martin is dead. If you’re walking alone at night and someone approaches you, are you prepared to defend yourself? If you think that person is a threat, do you do nothing until it might be too late or do you act? If you do, you just did what Martin might’ve done.

            The fact of the matter is that you don’t know what happened and neither do I. We may never know for sure. Until we know more, I give the benefit of doubt to the dead guy. Zimmerman was not only armed, he was the supposed adult in the situation. It sure sounds like he handled the situation poorly and a kid is dead as a result.

    2. He should call the police and let them do their job.

      Which he did. He’s also being criticized because it’s what he did in the past at a rate of about twice a month (sounds a bit like me in my old Phx neighborhood and I wasn’t part of any watch… just a little disturbed by all the gunfire being traded while I was trying to sleep at night.)

      Credible witnesses (including the police that didn’t arrest him) put him on the ground getting beat up by this 17 yo which we still haven’t a recent picture of (he’s 6′ 2″, but I’ve seen reports that he’s 150 or 200 lbs.)

      1. Actually, I heard he averaged like once every two months. The number for calls given apparently goes back to 04.

    3. Larry J,
      I’m pretty sure it’s proof that you are a racist, by mentioning President Obumble’s white blood. It might hurt his feelings or cause him emotional embarrassment.

      (yeah…and monkeys might…)

  3. “Under no circumstances should a 6′ 2″ football player plant himself on top of someone that was retreating to his car and beat his head on the pavement.”

    I realize that The State and I have different criteria on what constitutes justifiable self-defense; nor am I trying to sound macho. But if someone is on top of me trying to bash my head against the sidewalk, and I have a loaded gun on me, I don’t really care if he’s armed or not. To paraphrase Clint Eastwood in UNFORGIVEN: “He wasn’t armed? Well, if he was bash my head in, he should’ve gotten armed.”

  4. I haven’t been reading everything written on this so I may have missed it, but there seems to be a gap between Zim’s call to the police, and the point where the kid is sitting on him bashing his head into the pavement. What transpired? What caused the kid to get riled? how did the altercation begin? How did the kid get the upper hand in the fight?

  5. From what I’ve read, the kid had already gotten in trouble at school for possessing a flat blade screwdriver (which the principal said was for burglary) and about a dozen pieces of women’s jewelry, which the kid said he got from one of his friends. Then he got thrown out of school for drug possession.

    Zimmerman said he shot the kid when the kid went for his gun (after having decked Zimmerman, gotten on top of him, and was beating him in the head).

    1. Massad Ayoob reported the Kel-Tec pistol still had the brass casing in the chamber when the Police took it into evidence. This may indicate it was fired during a struggle for control of the weapon as the slide should have cycled if it were not obstructed.

      It will be interesting to see the foresnic report on the entry angle, powder burns, etc.

  6. The state is stuck on this one, IM gun toting / CCH holding HO.

    Zimmerman’s injuries show he was ruffed up.

    Martin is dead, so his side is going unheard.

    Now, two eyewitnesses are saying they saw Martin beating on Zimmerman.

    We know that the 911 Operator told Zimmerman NOT to get out of his car, but when he did, she didn’t roll the LEO’s.

    She has no real authority to tell him NOT to follow a ‘suspicious’ person.

    There have been several break-ins in that neighborhood. (guess what the description said the perps were wearing)

    Only after Zimmerman was guilty in the press, did we see current pictures of Martin or hear his description or that he’d already been in trouble with the law / schools.

    I think much wrong was done here, by a large number of people.

    Zimmerman should have stayed in his car.

    Martin should have called 911 and said he was being followed. ( it seems like calling his girlfriend cost him his life)

    No one can undo this, but many of us, including neighborhood watch captains, 17 y/o, 6’2″, hoodie wearing street thug wannabes, AND their parents, had best take some lessons away from it.

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