Hilary Rosen And Deja Vu

The hilarious way that Jay Carney was trying to separate the White House from her reminds me a lot of their defense when his associateion with Bill Ayers came up. “He’s just a guy who lives in my neighborhood!” “Hey, she’s just this woman on the teevee! Pay no attention to those White House visitor logs. These aren’t the DroidsHilary Rosens you’re looking for!”

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Here’s the video.

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A roundup of Hilary-related links.

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“Ms. Rosen’s remarks were criticized as being snide; the real problem is that they were stupid.”

Well, she is a leftist.

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  1. The fact that this Administration has managed to so TOTALLY remove themselves from any attachment to anything bad is proof, to me, that the Average American is a dupe, a dolt and a dimwit.

    I’m not so sure that we’re not about to turn turtle politically and economically. In fact, if it doesn’t happen I’ll be surprised. I think The One is going to go totally Caligula on us yet because he doesn’t care who or how many are sacrificed so long as he can stay in charge.

    And Romney is not the leader to stop any of it.

  2. Back in 1992, Hillary Clinton took a swipe at stay-at-home mothers (SAHMs), saying “I could’ve stayed home and baked cookies.”

    In 2008, Sarah Palin was ridiculed for working outside the home since she had 5 children, one with special needs.

    This year, they’ve cycled back to ridiculing SAHMs. The only thing intellectually consistent is they’ll attack anyone who opposes them in whatever way possible.

    Anything to divert attention from Obama’s disasterous economic, energy and foreign policy records.

  3. Larry,
    if you remove the economy, energy concerns and foreign policy over the last 3 years, Mr Obumble really doesn’t have a job.

    Except for golf, vacations and prevarication.

    1. Obama does far less damage to the country when he’s playing golf than when he’s playing president. I wish he’d play golf every day, all day.

  4. On the heels of that posting about Leftists and Humor, do you think she was trying to make a joke? Maybe the folks on the Left could, or should, start adding, “…wocka, wocka, wocka…”, at the end of all their ‘jokes’, so we’ll know the difference?

  5. Who was it who defined a political error as a politician accidentally saying what they really think?

  6. The hell of it is Hillary Rosen was right. There was never any question whether or not Ann Romney had to work. She married the son of a millionaire who, after going to Harvard Law and Harvard Business School, got a job working for the Boston Consulting Group, pulling down a very large paycheck. This is not the story of the average American.

    1. Even more hellish is that you have twisted the story completely. While at havard the Romneys lived in a $62 dollar a month apartment because that was the best he could afford. It was not until the birth of their thrid child that he was able to make a respectable living.

      1. His third child was born in 1975, the year he graduated Harvard. His first child was born in 1970, while they were both undergrads at BYU. So they spent five years in student housing with kids.

        My point remains the same – at no time was there any concern on Ann Romney’s part that she would have to get a job. If worse came to worse, she and the kids could fly back to her Dad’s mansion in the Detroit suburbs.

        1. More better.

          So raising children is not a job? That does seem to be a point of discussion.

          Re worst coming to worst, is that any different from the rest of us. Granted some are better off than others. I know there are folks who do not like that.

        2. Chris,
          let me say I damn near cried when I heard that Cain was quitting and I’m not a big Santorum fan, but Romney was at THE bottom of my list, behind Nixon and he’s DEAD for crying out loud. So I’m no Romney apologist, of any stripe.

          But, as someone who went to tech school to get civilian paper for all my military training, when my kids were 6 and 12, I can’t even imagine attempting college much less both of them in school with babies and or toddlers in student housing or in a mansion for that matter! Even if you’ve got money (out the wazoo) for school, it’s still up to you to get them fed, cleaned, bedded down, re-fed, redressed, blah, blah, blah seven days a week. Daddy having money doesn’t mean sh1t when Little Johnny is puking and crapping all weekend and you’ve got a paper due Monday.

          “…uh professor, I don’t have my Economics Paper today, but my dad is filthy rich…”, sounds like BS to most professors. Even at BYU.

          And the assumption that she would just jump back to Mommy and daddy’s house if things got tough, is foolish. You admitted she was in school too. did she qualify for free grades because dad had bucks?

          And she had 5 kids, all boys. Having split raising just two sons, five sounds like 10 times the work, not two and a half times the work.

    2. So what? A wife who gets a $300,000 a year no-show job isn’t the story of the average American, either. At least being wealthy isn’t inherently shady…

        1. Is that the same woman whos busband’s political connections got her a the job mentioned above? Ya, that’s typical. Only in Chi Town.

    3. The hell of it is Hillary Rosen was right. There was never any question whether or not Ann Romney had to work.

      Hillary Rosen was definitely right. With the exception of a brief period in WW-II, women never did anything of worth prior to the late 1960’s. They just sat around spittin’ out babies without a care in the world.

    4. So she was a full time mom and student and that isn’t hard work?

      Why do you hate moms so much?

      Should the guy who’s mom made 80k a year and dumped her child on her own mother who struggled as the VP of a bank in Hawaii be attacking people for having money? How did the meme get started Obama was some sort of rags to riches story? He has lived in the lap of luxiry his whole life.

    5. Found your talking point Chris.

      Is Chris right? Rosen observed. “His wife has actually never worked a day in her life.”

      It’s an insult Chris and everybody understands it. Especially woman that will be voting for president. You keep trying to thread that needle in the dark.

    6. This is great. Don’t try and correct Gerrib, hand him a shovel, because he apparently wants to make the hole deeper. Democrats attacking Moms, its like 2008 all over again.

      1. More Democrats keeping it civil and classy when discussing women. I think Gerrib should apologize. Not because I believe Gerrib endorses the statements made, but because Gerrib demanded others apologize for Rush’s statements, despite none of us endorsing the statements. Click the link and you’ll see Rush’s comments were very tame in comparison.

  7. Chris,
    try this, Michelle Obama hasn’t worked at all in the last three years and only worked P/T for 2 years before that!

    See, doesn’t it sound JUST as stupid when it’s said that way too?

    1. She has been working hard spending tax payer money jet setting around the globe treating family and friends to the vacations of a lifetime. And somehow even though she does not hold an office, got to mandate Let’s Move.

  8. being a stay-at-home mother is work. My point is Ann and Mitt each were born, not with a silver spoon in their mouths, but a silver service for 12. They never had to worry about covering a bill, or what would happen if they flunked out of school or Mitt lost a job.

    The Obamas in particular and 99% of Americans in general did not have that luxury.

    1. “The Obamas in particular….”

      Which Obamas are you talking about? I personally know three hundred seventy two Obamas…

    2. You mean the Obama who was raised by the VP of a bank in Hawaii? Wow what a rough life. Or do you mean the Obama that never had to worry about getting accepted to a school and how to pay for it regardless of his academic record? Or the Obama that never worked a job that didn’t involve community agitating?

      Somehow I don’t think Obama was ever chest deep in noxious weeds with a hand scythe or swinging a hammer anywhere. Obama needs his man card revoked until he does some man work. Until then, he should get his surrogates to lay off other people for their work history.

      1. +1

        The old Democrat strategy of “Republicans are out of touch elite rich people” will have to deal with this:
        Michelle is taking advantage of her privileged position while the most hardworking Americans can barely afford a week or two off work.

        Now Dems are tacking on the equivalent of “stay at home mom’s should STFU about the economy”.

      2. As usual, Iowahawk nails it:

        Apparently, I’m supposed to be more angry about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine.

      3. You just have no compassion! Following graduation from Harvard, the poor and struggling Obamas had to contend with paychecks coming from lecturing (not a professor!) at the University of Chicago, being in the state senate and as a practicing lawyer. Why, they could barely afford arugula much less the standard of living to which they aspired. They struggled so hard and had so much in common with average middle class Americans! Sniff!

        1. Hey, you try to scrape-by on $316,962 a year in a newly-created position immediately after your husband wins the Senate…

  9. Out of curiosity, has Hilary Rosen ever worked a real job? Wikipedia talks mostly about her career with the RIAA. That seems like negative work to me.

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