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  1. I agree with one of the commenters over there, the left is the man. They controlled congress for some rediculously long period of time before the 90’s similar to the way they have dominated politics in the state I live in.

    I tell my friends that I’m a rebel and they say I can’t because I’m conservative and then I blow their minds by pointing out the dems have been in charge our entire lives and I’m rebelling agaisnt them.

    Just another example of the left’s narative not matching reality.

  2. Imagine that, a liberal Democrat getting publicity from two gay guys who do publicity for a gay bar in D.C.

    And I think it’s hysterical that the writer thinks she’s part of a ‘generation’ that hasn’t changed it’s worldview since 1968. And all this time I thought she was part of a group that hadn’t changed it’s ‘worldview’ since they marched the Czar and his family into that basement.

    I did feel a little skewered by this line though,
    “But there is nothing more square then to stay the same for decades (literally generations) as the world changes.”
    I am now and always have been a firm believer in the Founding Fathers and their ideals and the government they originally set up. I guess that makes me a uber-nerd because I’m still ‘hanging’ on with a really old ‘worldview’.

      1. PeterH,
        I don’t think there’s an easy answer, but I’ll try to get it short.

        I’m not ‘sure’ about the rest of the world, but OUR country has lost it’s soul. I get that many people don’t believe in any god(s), but we still used to be kinder and yet tougher as a nation.

        The first lost metric here is our lost sense of ‘approved’ neighborhood vigilante justice. There was a time when a guy beating his wife or starving his kids was taken care of by the men of his family or her family or the men of the neighborhood. A person who abused children would probably not make it to jail. But now we have ‘hate crime’ laws, the EEOC and such touchy feely stuff.

        People take cell phone videos of robbery, rape and murder…but they don’t try to stop any of it. It doesn’t help that now, the criminals have more rights than the victims.

        There was a time, when the poor or indigent, the disabled or sick and dying were cared for by churches, personal money donated or [Lord help me for using the term] NGO’s. There WAS NO government support net. but before that ever happened, family took care of family.

        Ask your older family members, everyone had an older Maiden Aunt, Bachelor Uncle, Grandparent or someone living with them. I know of many families who took in orphaned children rather than see them go to an orphanage. It’s just how it was.

        Now, most people have abdicated all those responsibilities to the government. So in answer to your question, has human nature changed over the course of history.

        I guess it has. Or it seems like it has to me. In my adult lifetime I’ve seen a huge upturn in people being petty, cheap and self centered. And add cowardly too.

        That’s not short, but I think those are the roots of the problem(s).

    1. Der Schtumpy, many things have changed since 1776. For one thing, men don’t wear powdered wigs any more. Also -in case you hadn’t yet noticed- black people are no longer property. Not only that, they can vote, and everything, just like women. Yep, women can vote, now. Go figure.

      Ok. I’ll take the tongue out of my cheek, but I hope you see the point that there have been innumerable (and valuable) changes in in our world since then.

      I do agree they did a magnificent job on the Constitution. 🙂

      1. Casey,
        I understand that times, situations and who votes has changed. I get that slavery is and was wrong. I don’t understand such a sudden change in PEOPLE.

        As I said, in my adult lifetime, 30 or 35 years, I’ve seen people in this country become so self-centered that it shocks me on a near daily basis. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m an old hippie and a Christian. I’ve just never believed, from either stand point, that I should come first in my actions, thoughts or deeds.

        And so long as people put themselves first, the country is screwed. With damned few exceptions, there is no such thing as ‘Sacred Honor’ now.

        1. Hate the game not the player. For example, leftism isn’t harmful because of its advocates or their beliefs, but because of the social dynamics that are created. Similarly, urban environments tend to be harsher and more selfish than rural ones. I think it’s because certain environments and belief systems are more conducive to social and economic parasitism than others.

          Things such as honor come from social systems where people give and not just take. Such systems of reciprocity are hostile to parasites (there’s no honor in just taking stuff), often by design, and hence would be resisted and undermined by the parasites. As I see it, the worst of the mockery of such reciprocal behavior and systems comes from high status people who would lose everything in a world dominated by systems of give and take.

  3. So Hildog is all like cool because she got a Blackberry?


    Just wait ten more years when she gets an IPhone! Welcome to 2001 Hillary!

    MoDo the DoDo! What a clueless tool!

      1. The same party that opposed the end of slavery. The same party that imposed those “Jim Crow” laws. The same party that insisted on “segregation then, segregation now, segregation forever” and turned loose police dogs and fire hoses on civil rights protesters. The same party that gets 90% of the black vote.

  4. No Herm, lynching was and is wrong. Segregation was and is wrong. Not to mention that lynching, then, was by no means as wide spread as is the attitude of ME, ME, ME by our fellow citizens is now.

    And it’s the ME, ME, ME that keeps people from giving a rats hat about anyone but themselves.

  5. People who want to use the power of the State to redistribute other people’s income are strictly Nowheresville, Daddio.

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