One thought on “Don’t Know Much About Commercial Crew”

  1. He’s correcting 2 posts from Paul Spudis and David Portree,…and then correcting oodles and gobs of comments from Trent and Tom Matula as well. The growing belief that *any* purchase (in the CCP case, of speedier development) from a Corporation by government is fascism instanter seems to come from continually sniffing for fascism more than anything else.

    Instead, I see CCP and CRUSR as the best way to protect the NewSpace companies from the old type of whispering campaigns between 1979-2004, by those in NASA who never wanted private spaceflight at all. That’s the best use of CCP, IMHO. Official endorsement (with money) of *any* privately flying vehicles at all will make it easier to get private funding for others.

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