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  1. I saw it at RedBox last week and decided to get it, just so I’d know how horrible it is. Then I forgot about it and remembered I had it 5 days later, so I have to try to watch it tonight so I can return it.

  2. I have it on disc at home and started to watch it last night. I would say that so far it’s “ok”. Not great…but certainly better than Battlefield Earth or *shudder* Ishtar.

    1. Well, that’s certainly damning it with faint praise. I guess the point wasn’t so much that the movie is awful, but that it was so highly overrated and overanticipated.

      1. “Well, that’s certainly damning it with faint praise.”

        One does what one is good at 😉

        I missed the overrating and over-anticipation…wasn’t tuned in.

        It’s sci-fi….has some stars in it I like, in general…and I don’t pay much attention to critics. So I’ll finish watching it.

  3. If you’re watching Prometheus for any other reason than to simply learn the contents, you will be disappointed.

  4. I have to confess to a non-zero amount of schadenfreude over the harsh reviews, considering how over the top was the praise for the anti-west film Avatar. It’s always nice to see Cameron taken down a notch or two.

  5. It had a superior premise, a great storyline, and if anyone with common sense had come in mid-stream and told these guy “just make a believable movie” this could have been the best film of the year.

    But it failed. In almost every single instance. Common sense….fail. Business….fail. Standardized exploration techniques…fail. Conservation of mass….fail.

    When you fail the rules of physics, not in some sort of hyper-warp fantasy but in a creature growing from ~2kg to well over 200kgs in a period of a few hours. Without any sort of nutrition. Fail….

    1. What kind of producer would dress Charlize Theron in a business suit that Dr. Evil dropped off at Goodwill?

      A prequel to the Aien franchise should be vastly better than a bad episode of Stargate SG-1, but sadly, I don’t think Prometheus was.

  6. Some day Prometheus will be on the SiFi channel and I will watch it, at least until the first commercial.

    The trailers look interesting but I suspect they are the high points of the movie.

  7. It wasn’t that bad. Anyone expecting it to be realistic in anyway needs to lower their expectations for offworld horror movies.

  8. well just finished watching the movie.



    They must have had their Top Men on this production….



  9. I spent the better part of May getting stoked for this movie, but ended up completely disappointed. If you’re expecting a deep, thought-provoking piece of sci-fi you should turn away immediately. In the end it’s a brash monster movie where the characters are one-dimensional, and the plot holes are big enough to fly a Millennium (Aluminum?) Falcon through. The movie doesn’t play by its own consistent logic either. It’s just a setup for bland sequences of monsters killing people, to be followed by a sequel which *might* answer the questions posed by the first movie, in between scenes where more characters die bland deaths at the hands of more crappy monsters.

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