3 thoughts on “Ideas About Science”

  1. I’d like an award and fund established for best -falsification-, most coherent argument for why the current reigning theory is wrong. This -without- requiring the theoretical improvement of a -new- theory. (That gets the Nobel).

    Enhance the prestige of not just accumulating publications inching along the path, but having the experimental chops to demonstrate “That guy’s wrong.”

    Arguably, this is what Galileo was still doing well after Copernicus was long buried.

  2. “Only ‘scientists’ can do science” should be retired and given its own Guy Fawkes-style national holiday.

    I’m thinking of the behavioral sciences at the moment, like the folks who tell us that sex and gender aren’t the same thing. (How does one apply the falsifiability test to that claim?) A topic relevant to this recent news story.


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