5 thoughts on “Adjustments To Temperature Data”

  1. The comments over there are depressing, seemingly impervious to new information. Not that I have checked any of this myself, but then neither did the commenters. It sure sounds as though BEST (Richard Muller, Steve Mosher, Zeke Hausfather (the author of the piece), Judith Curry (!)) did a good job and know what they are doing and have a very good handle on the standard USA temperature records as well.
    As Muller is wont to say, Anthony Watt’s signature issue of Urban Heat Islands was a very reasonable concern and needed to be addressed. It seems that now it has been, and turns out not to have much of an impact; the surface temperature figures for the last century are pretty good.
    There are plenty of other important issues left open: temperature reconstructions from the more distant past, determining short-term and long-term climate sensitivity to CO2, getting better projections of likely and worst-case impacts, and deciding whether anything should be done about it and if so, what.

  2. The measurement of interest is heat. Temperature readings are just asking for trouble. Temperature is a local measurement. Total energy is what you want to know. How much do we receive and radiate away?

    Since water is the heat store and water vapor is the greenhouse gas, when will they just STFU about co2?

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