8 thoughts on “California’s Hydromania”

  1. ” We had a wonderful water storage system for 23 million people in 1980. But it proved completely inadequate for the 40 million plus of 2014, who assumed household and drinking water, irrigation supplies, and clean hydroelectric power came out of thin air.”

    Well, California wanted to grow population and grow crops in the desert. At some point that water is going to run out.

        1. You are outdoing yourself with idiotic comments tonight. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily end up in the ocean, and even if it does, it makes a huge difference how it gets there.

          But since you’re a moron, I guess we should forgive this latest imbecilic comment. Or just ban you.

  2. CA does have deserts. CA farmland wasn’t desert. It could become so. But they will leave them some water because otherwise they couldn’t steal it for being a ‘wetland.’

  3. I find it interesting how California supposedly has all this environmental foresight yet has basic water management problems of the worst sort. Well, when the place finally collapses, I hope most of us get the lesson of its failure and don’t merely chalk it up to climate change or rich people.

    1. Very interesting indeed. The most environmentally conscious state and they can’t even manage their water supply.

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