5 thoughts on “The Mann Lawsuit”

  1. “And in the context of the heated global-warming debate, the statements of which Mann complains are actually quite temperate. ”


    Lawyers with a sense of humor. Who would have guessed?

    1. Probably silly to ask, but this would be really good news for AGW believers as well, right? The world is saved, if it’s true! Surely they will all rejoice, or at least hope and pray that this result works out, right?
      If not, what should we conclude?

  2. Meanwhile I turned off The MSNBC Weather Channel last night when one of the nitwits fawned over something Jon Stewart said about climate non-alarmists (she used the word “deniers”).

    I read somewhere NBC is trying to find a buyer for TWNBC, but if they want a decent price for it they’re going about it all wrong.

    1. I’ve seen Jon Stewart launch into one of his ad populum tirades against “deniers”. That nitwit probably has trouble with fractions, yet his adoring fans, who are not few in number, mindlessly lap it up.

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