5 thoughts on “#Gamergate”

  1. That is an excellent article, and most encouragingly, many of the commenters are in full agreement with her.

  2. “#Gamergate is an egalitarian push back against a modern feminist doctrine which explicitly wants to suppress “problematic” elements of human nature. ”

    The thing about gaming, is that gamers are a diverse group of people with a sense of humor. Through the magic of technology, you don’t know who the orc warrior is in meat space. People have their own preconceptions which color their interactions. There is a stereotype of gamers being white middle class dudes in their parent’s basement so when you see an off color joke about race or homosexuality in chat, you might assume it is being made by some young white guy but this isn’t reality.

    It is very possible that the person making jokes about being gay is actually gay themselves and doesn’t mind joking around with their friends because everyone is cool with it and also has a sense of humor. The flip side, is that straight people joking about homosexuality are actually not homophobic but just joking around and their gay friends are cool with it because they know there is no intent of hatred. The same goes for race or gender. The guy joking about Mexicans, could actually be a Mexican. But once again through the magic of technology, you don’t know who Belpha is through casual gaming.

    The quinspiracy people came into this with a typical leftist reaction. Someone questioned them and rather than deal with the issues raised accused their detractors of being racist white men out to hurt women, gays, and minorities. Rather than dealing with the corruption, they wanted to switch the subject to how horribly racist and misogynistic gamers are. But then something interesting happened. The people they assumed were young white males were actually a diverse group of people.

  3. The lefty “social justice warriors” constantly bleat about getting rape threats, death threats, etc., which they claim to have reported to police. ever see a copy of a police report? I never have. the parallel with racist graffiti on college campuses leaps to mind–a vast majority of those are done by the alleged victims themselves. it is way easy to create a fake email, go to a library, and fire off threats to oneself, no?

  4. I wonder also if the pushback is a generational issue. Many older people (mid 50s and older), did not see the infiltration of our institutions by the extreme left. They simply believed the crap being spewed from the media because they had grown up with a reasonably objective media.

    Those under 50 grew up knowing full well that these institutions (media, education and government) were leftist enclaves and don’t believe the garbage being spewed. Since most gamers are still under 50, they pushed back, not because they are gamers, but they understand the political game.

    The left still thinks they can manipulate the public using the old rules. But two generations now see through the tactics.

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